Texas: It took 12 DWI arrests before Ivy Ray Eberhardt was locked up for good- Hats off to Texas Judge Towson for giving this Dirtbag life in prison!

A 62-year-old Weatherford, Texas man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to his 10th driving while intoxicated offense. He also racked up two more DWI arrests in Colorado when he fled Texas.

Ivy Ray Eberhardt 12th DWI gets life in prison in Texas

California: Juan Gabriel Rios found guilty of DUI manslaughter for killing

Deputy District Attorney Lauren Guber, who prosecuted the case, said in the late evening of Nov. 7, 2014, Rios was driving under the influence of alcohol when he attempted to enter the 10 Freeway and crashed into another vehicle near the Rosemead exit.

Photo courtesy KTLA

Montana: Travis Michael Dedmore sentenced to 22 years in prison for DUI death of motorcyclist Rodney Bayman

Four months after 56-year-old Bayman was killed waiting at a light at the intersection of First Avenue North and Main Street, the man who hit Bayman was sentenced by Yellowstone County District Court Judge Michael Moses.

Travis Michael Dedmore given 22 years in prison for killing Rodney Bayman 122515 Billings Montana