California: boozing banker slam-down after high-speed chase; charged with DUI

From A Wells Fargo bank vice-president was wrestled to the ground and arrested on […]

New York: Boozing Barclay banker had alcohol compounded at a great rate in wreck

From Scarsdale 10583.COM A four car collision on Weaver Street at Quaker Ridge Road lead […]

Barclay Capital Banker busted for DWI

Nebraska: Judge gives bozo Meth-Head Banker light sentence for DUI

From OMAHA, Neb. — A bank vice president told a judge Wednesday he’s learned […]

Meth-Head banker gets 180 days in clink, more coming

Nebraska: DUI-Meth banker Mark Dahir scoots out of hospital straight to Crossbar Hotel!

Omaha State Bank Vice President Mark Dahir UPDATE 5/26/2011:  Meth-Head Banker Pleads Guilty to 7th […]

Mark Dahir Omaha DUI banker