Maryland: Frederick Police charged Vershurn Juawn Martin with DWI after his voyage into an apartment building

Further the collision cause a gas line to be severed from the building. Once in contact with the driver, later identified as Vershurn Juawn Martin, OFC. Radke could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Martin’s person. After given field sobriety tests, Martin was placed under arrest and transported to Frederick Police Headquarters.

Maryland State Trooper on traffic stop in Easton, Maryland. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

California: big-rig driver Hilario Urena killed a driver in head-on crash and then fled on foot, say police

Hilario Homberto Urena, 40, of Bay Area suburb of Tracy, allegedly drifted across the yellow line on Haven Avenue and struck an oncoming driver in a sedan. The driver of the car died of his injuries, according to police.

Hilario Humberto Urena DUI fatal hit and run while he was driving a tractor trailer.

Connecticut: Farmington Police arrested DUI 2nd time for school bus driver Tammy Jo Costello

FARMINGTON, Conn. (8/27/2014) — A school bus driver charged Wednesday morning with driving 20 students to Irving Robbins Middle School while intoxicated has a previous drunken-driving arrest, state officials said.

Tammy Costello was charged with driving under the influence in May 2004 in Bristol, said Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman William Seymour. She completed the state’s alcohol education program on July 20, 2005, records indicate. Completion of the program results in charges being dismissed.

Connecticut School Bus Driver Tammy Jo Costello busted 2nd time for DUI

Texas: Howe Police officers sidelined a tractor-trailer driver operating with booze and meds

06/05/2014 — On June 5th – at approx 1:00 am Howe Police Dept. Officers R. Todd and J. Clark were dispatched to a possible intoxicated driver on SB Hwy 75. A motorist reported a semi truck driving erratically. Officers located the vehicle on Hwy 75 near Hall Cemetery Rd and stopped it after observing it cross over the center lane divider.

Howe Texas Police Dept.