Maryland: Queen Anne’s Sheriff and States Attorney lay down the law on adults providing teens booze parties

Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Lance Richardson and Queen Anne’s County Sheriff Gary Hofmann talk candidly about the Underage drinking problem in the County, the high cost of being caught providing alcohol to minors and how you can help reduce and prevent the problem.

Queen Anne Sheriff Gary Hoffman

New Mexico: Albuquerque Police made five DUI arrests on Fourth of July

From Albuquerque Police:
APD Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) members Debra Andrews and Yvette Garcia assisted a homeless veteran that they met on a call this week.

The man and his dog were living on the street and had just moved to Albuquerque from Colorado. They assisted him in getting a hotel for two days and on the third day they were able to help him find an apartment.

APD Outreach finds home for homeless Veteran

California: Santa Rosa Police arrest two DUI drivers who waltzed out of court and drove away after being told by Judge to park it

Those who chose to drive were stopped by waiting officers. Those stopped for driving while suspended or unlicensed then were cited back into court, and their vehicles were impounded for 30 days. Those individuals were identified as:

• Eduard Carter (39 years old) of Santa Rosa for driving without a license.
• Alvaro Jimenez-Lopez (27 years old) of Sonoma for driving without a license.

Of the two vehicles stopped, one was impounded for 30 days as a result of the offender’s choice to drive while suspended/unlicensed.

Santa Rosa Police