Maryland: Sam Ellis charged with homicide for killing Alex Murk and Calvin Li in DUI crash

“It goes without saying, we were extremely disappointed that so many family and friends of Alex and Calvin within our community who had knowledge of what took place that evening, were unwilling to come forward without subpoenas and a Grand Jury proceeding,” the Murks said in the statement.

Sam Ellis will face double DUI rap for deaths of Calvin Li and Alex Murk

Illinois: Steven Willis charged with DUI crash that killed Samantha Miller; injured her 3 children on I-55

“This was a horrible, tragic event. Three children are now without a mother due to this defendant’s terrible decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated,” said State’s Attorney Gibbons. “My heart goes out to these children and the family and friends of Samantha Miller who are mourning her death at such a young age.”

Steven Willis 38 DUI fatal Madison County Illinois had 40 prior traffic charges

California: Megan Hickel’s party ended the lives of Rick & Kelly Schwab; now she will spend 12 years in prison

On the evening of July 4th 2014, after viewing a Fourth of July fireworks display in South Lake Tahoe, Richard Schwab and his wife Kelly Schwab were returning home to Dixon on Highway 50 when their motorcycle was struck in a cross-over collision by Hickel’s vehicle going in the opposite direction in the Twin Bridges area.

Her party ended two lives.  Megan Hickel photo of trial from World News

California: Olga Pena-Arce took her friends for DUI joyride; pleads guilty to killing Aimee Campos

Pena-Arce also admitted special allegations that she personally inflicted great bodily injury on a passenger, and that she killed or injured more than one person.

Olga Pena Arce pleads guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated South Tahoe Lake Police