California: Noel Cipriano Felix charged with DUI hell-ride into house; injured sleeping kid

On January 31, 2015 at 7:00 PM, the Coachella Police Department located and arrested, Noel Cipriano Felix, age 28 of Coachella, in the 53000 block of Calle Los Hermanos, Coachella. During the month of September 2014, a felony hit and run with injury arrest warrant was issued for Felix for fleeing the scene of a traffic collision after he crashed his pickup truck into an occupied residence in the 86000 block of Palmeras Circle. An 8-year-juvenile who was sleeping inside the residence was immediately hospitalized following the September 6, 2014 incident.

Noel Cipriano Felix DUI hit and run into house injured child Coachella Police Calif.

Kentucky: booze and temper drove Justin Cottrell on DUI crash into his own home

Cottrell, during the pursuit, returned to his residence where he drove his truck into the home. Simpsonville Fire Department responded to extricate Mr. Cottrell from the vehicle at which time he was arrested.

The driver of the vehicle, Justin Cottrell, age 31, of Kalamazoo Michigan, was arrested and charged with DUI 1st Off (Aggravated), Reckless Driving, Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree (Motor Vehicle), and Speeding. Additional charges are pending from the Simpsonville Police Department.

Justin Cottrell DUI drove into house domestic Shelby County jail 121514

Oregon: Madysen Boyer’s blast into apartment’s living room won her an DUI from deputy; said she was trying to park her car

According to Washington County Sheriff’s officers, on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at about 9:32 pm, Sheriff’s deputies responded to 4200 SW 107th, Beaverton, in unincorporated Washington County. A car had crashed into an apartment building.

Deputies arrived and determined that 29-year-old Madysen Boyer had crashed into her neighbor’s apartment while she was parking her car

Washington County Ore Sheriff boat

Nebraska: Whimpy Judge Mark Ashford gave Paul Mosher zero time in slammer for his DUI demo-derby through woman’s house

The Omaha woman had taken great care to fix up her 1925 bungalow in the Benson area. The then-computer trainer at Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc. renovated the 572-square-foot home, made the payments and painted the front door pink.

She and her chihuahua, Lily, were fast asleep in the bedroom on that July night. The next thing she remembers was Mosher standing over her, his warm breath reeking of alcohol. In excruciating pain, she groaned at him to call 911.

Mosher responded, “Do we have to?”

New Mexico: cops say driver was likely drunk before he remodeled home with his BMW

Car plows into house; DWI suspected Was this “Beamer” a dreamer? From KRQE ALBUQUERQUE (Nov. […]