Oregon: Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers DUI bookings for April 15, 2014

The core functions of the Marion County Sheriff‘s Office are:

1) To keep our community safe;
2) To continue to work collaboratively with our community and public safety partners;
3) To continue to seek and retain professional and competent staff; and
4) To be fiscally responsible.

I believe that it takes more than just enforcing laws to create a sense of safety in our communities. Community safety includes establishing and maintaining relationships with neighborhoods, businesses, non-profit agencies and public safety partners, all working together toward a safer Marion County.

Be Safe, Sheriff Jason Myers

Marion County Oregon Sheriff

Florida: William Pennock, recently back from tour in Iraq, killed by DUI illegal alien Michael Rosales

“It is difficult to understand how Michael Rosales was not deported years ago,” she said. “We feel the justice system failed our family, our society and country.”

Family and friends of Pennock described “Will” as generous, outgoing, optimistic and funny.

“He loved serving his country and knowing he was helping to keep us safe,” said his mother.