Michigan: cops say Richard Rish was bombed at 2 in the afternoon; went off road and slammed into car with flat, killed Bernard Langmeyer

Deputies say 59-year-old Bernard Langmeyer, of Deerfield, was killed in the crash and his wife, Deborah, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injures. Bernard was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash while Deborah was wearing her seatbelt

Richard Lee Rish DUI fatal rear ended car killed Langmeyer 052515 Ottawa Co So Michigan.

Florida: Anthony Scott Brown fought St. Pete cop but captured after DUI fatal hit & run killed Doneisha Bowens

Bowens and the driver of the Toyota, Andrew Mitchell, 26, were transported to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. Bowens later died at ….

Anthony Scott Brown charged with DUI manslaughter St Pete Fla PD 052415

Kentucky: Jeffrey Tuggle faces DUI manslaughter charges for killing Marlene Chaffin in wreck

Marlene Chaffin of Nicholasville, was ejected from the vehicle during the wreck, and the vehicle then rolled on top of her. Chaffin was airlifted to a hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Jeffrey Tuggle Jessamine County Jail DUI manslaughter 052215

California: Brian Jones charged with DUI manslaughter for killing woman and child; injured two children in booze cruise in yard

Jones’ vehicle struck two trees before colliding into the backyards of two apartments and came to a rest when it struck the rear of the second apartment. Two victims who were initially struck by the vehicle, a 40-year-old female and her 14-month-old daughter succumbed to their injuries at the scene. Two other victims who were in the backyard at the time of the collision, a 7-year-old male and 6-year-old male, were struck by debris from the vehicle and transported to area hospitals. There is no indication that any other vehicles were involved in this collision.

DUI double fatal Livermore PD Calif photo

California: Highway Patrol says Jason King was DUI and wrong way when he killed Anne Li Baldock and Madison Cornwell in head-on crash

Anne Li Baldock, 24, and 23-year-old Madison Elizabeth Cornwell – both students at UC San Diego School of Medicine – died on the Cabrillo (state Route 163) freeway in the University Heights area Saturday morning when the 2014 Toyota Prius they were in collided with a 2000 Ford F-350, authorities confirmed

Jason King killed two medical students in DUI head on crash 051618 photo courtesy of Fox San Diego

Nevada: Sisters Mesha and Gabby were killed by DUI driver Seong Mo Lee; 2nd time DUI driver appears in court

Vehicles are meant to crumple from front to back and back to front to absorb that energy. They’re not meant to take those side impacts like that and when they do, it crushes into the passenger compartment,”said Sgt. Richard Strader, Metro Police. “The intrusion on that vehicle is almost from one side to the other; and that’s why the passengers were stuck in there because they were trapped in that vehicle.”

Seong Mo Lee double fatal Las Vega Nev 030515

Montana: Cal Erickson Mullen and Jason West with fatal DUI Interstate 15 crash; Mullen sentenced to prison for 5 years hard time

West admitted to having four alcoholic drinks earlier in the night. Court documents said his BAC varied from 0.10 at the scene to .08 in a blood test. He also showed signs of impairment in four out of six field sobriety tests.

West is facing three felony charges of criminal endangerment for driving after drinking and inattentively. Prosecutors filed one count per passenger in his vehicle.

After reconstructing the crash, Montana Highway Patrol troopers determined “that a driver paying attention to the road would have had sufficient time and distance to either stop or slow and steer around a hazard in the road,” court documents say.

Cal Erickson Mullen sentenced to 5 years in prison for death of Wyman Hewitt.

Maryland: fatal joyride into tree killed one; four of six occupants had DUI records, Karl Tomanek indicted for DUI homicide

fatal joyride into tree killed one; four of six occupants had DUI records – MOUNT AIRY, MD. — Four men who were in a pickup truck that left the roadway Friday night in Howard County and overturned after striking a tree have been convicted of DUI in Maryland, including one who was killed in the crash.

The others, one of whom has two prior DUI convictions and may have been the driver, are now in a trauma unit, along with two other occupants of the overturned truck.

Karl-Joseph-Tomanek indicted in DUI fatal wreck Howard Co Police Md.