Maryland: State Trooper hit by DUI driver who had hit & run 5 miles earlier; 2nd trooper in week to be smashed by motorists

NORTH EAST, MD. – When the operator of a vehicle is so impaired as to run into as to run into a stopped cop, then perhaps, just maybe, the driver was drunk. With Maryland’s feckless legislators too timid to put teeth into impaired driving laws, Marylanders will continue to be maimed and killed by DUI drivers. This is the latest story from the deadly highways of Maryland.

I-95+MD+State+Trooper+Crash+123115 Photo courtesy of NBC 4 News

Maryland: Not-jolly Holly tried tears and vomit and then used her fists and hooves in all-star performance of a DUI Momma with kid in her wrecked car

DELMAR, MD. – This story has it all! Vomit from mommy sitting on the side of the road after wrecking her car while driving drunk with her kids in her car for starters. On top of that she started crying when she saw the cop arrive, as females know how stupid guys are over women crying. Let’s see how that worked for her.

Not so jolly Holly DUI in Wicomico Co Md with kid in her car

Colorado: What a putz! Larimer deputy assaulted by naked DUI driver Keenan Hunt

A deputy arrived on scene and contacted Hunt who became combative and physically fought the deputy. During the struggle, Hunt attempted to remove the deputy’s firearm from his holster. After struggling with Hunt for several minutes, two brave citizens came to the deputy’s aid and they were able to gain control of Hunt and take him into custody.

Keenan Hunt naked DUI and assault on deputy in Larimer County Colo 103015

Maryland: Trooper’s Patrol Cruiser Struck While Attempting To Stop Weaving DUI Driver on Rt. 50

ANNAPOLIS, MD.- Oct.4, 2015 — A driver with a record of many traffic, burglary, and drug arrests was charged with his 2nd DUI within four months and other traffic and criminal charges is under arrest again on Oct. 4, 2015 after he drove his car into the side of the patrol car of the Maryland state trooper attempting to stop him just west of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Rt. 50 in Anne Arundel County.

Maryland State Trooper on traffic stop in Easton, Maryland. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo