Texas: Oklahoma Senator who sponsored bill toughening DWI laws busted for DWI on his last day in office

An Oklahoma State Senator was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Grayson County, Texas, late Thursday night.

According to the Howe Police Department, Oklahoma Sen. Harry Coates, (R – Seminole), was stopped on southbound US 75 near the town of Howe around 11 p.m. Thursday, after a driver reported the vehicle to be driving erratically.

Oklahoma Sen. Harry Coates, charged with DWI in Texas on his last day in office.

Nebraska: Brent Smoyer hits the campaign trail with a snoot full on his way to kill voters while DUI; now he’s sorry…he got caught

His friends thought he was OK to drive, he said.

“It’s embarrassing,” he said. “I’m ashamed. It was an honest mistake.

“But the fact remains, I was over the limit — so sayeth the law.”

The incident doesn’t reflect on his leadership capabilities and he hopes others also learn from his lapse in judgment, he said.

Lancaster politician running for Nebraska legislature - Brent Smoyer DUI

California: family files suit against DUI killer Raymond Morua and Congresswoman Lois Capps

Dies was on life support for several days after she was hit by Morua on December 6. Stoll said, “The hospital and medical bills are hundreds of thousands of dollars. So there is a double tragedy here. They’ve lost their daughter and they’ve lost their financial security, their financial future.”

Raymond Victor Morau, was twice convicted of DUI, hit and run and embezzlement before being hired to work for U. S. Rep. Lois Capps and was working when he killed while DUI.

Minnesota: Boozing bozo lawmakers don’t want to give up immunity from DWI arrests

Baker said comments by Rep. Brian Johnson, R-Cambridge and a retired sheriff’s deputy, helped make her point during the hearing.

Johnson, who supports ending immunity, said law officers are taught they are subject to gross-misdemeanor charges and being fired if they intimidate members of the Legislature. That’s a big reason no evidence exists of legislators evading drunk-driving charges, he said.

Mayor Eulis Willis of Navassa NC DWI 071211