Colorado: Rigoberto Macias-Marquez had 7 prior DUI arrests; killed self and 3 others in crash

Three of members of a LaSalle family died in the Honda, the Greeley Tribune reported. They were identified as 37-year-old Gilbert Martinez, who was driving the van, 1-year-old Bryson Martinez and 6-year-old Ethan Martinez . Another family member, Mistelle Martinez, 32, survived with minor injuries.

Macias-Marquez, the Dodge pickup driver, also died.

7 time DUI driver killed 3 others and self Colo 012415

West Virginia: Huntington Firefighter Shane Masters busted for 4th DUI

Huntington, WVA. — 01/22/2015 — A Huntington firefighter was placed on suspension without pay after being arrested Jan. 4 on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

Shane Masters, who has been with the Huntington Fire Department since 2003, was arrested for the fourth time in connection with a DUI incident, according to a spokesperson from the mayor’s office.

Bryan Chambers, communications director of Huntington said the incident raises concerns for the city’s current policies on validating employees’ driver’s licenses.

“We conduct checks when someone is initially hired,” Chambers said.

Shane Masters 4th DUI Huntington Firefighter WVA

Virginia: Robert Ryan Pirzad scores 2nd DWI when he un-ramped off I-264; his passenger is critical

Virginia Beach, Va. – A 25-year-old man is facing several charges including DWI second offense after the vehicle he was driving crashed on Lynnhaven Parkway at the base of the I-264 overpass.

What a crybaby I am! Robert Ryan Pirzad DUI Virginia Beach Va. 010815

Texas: Austin Police report DWI arrests in December of 2014

Texas: Austin Police report DWI arrests in December of 2014

Austin Police