Florida: Lake County Sheriff Gary S. Borders notes DUI arrests as of July 4th, 2013, Michael Andrew Racine leads the list!

First/Middle/Last MICHAEL ANDREW RACINE  Booking #:13005359 Case #: Inmate ID:118193 Physical Description Date of Birth:06/16/1965 Race:W Ethnicity: […]

Michael Racine DUI Lake CoSO FL 070413

Louisiana: Orleans Parish Sheriff DWI bookings for July 1, 2013

From NOLA.com This list of people booked with driving while intoxicated and related charges was provided by […]

Florida: when lawyers lie to the court or think that everyone else is just stupid; deadly DUI Porsche driver Alyza Russell wasn’t going to flee the country, just go on vacation, says her attorney

“I believe it’s alleged in the affidavit that Ms. Russell upon striking the second victim continued to try to flee the scene in her car,” Linder said, “She couldn’t move the car because the second victim was stuck under her car and that was the only thing that was keeping her car at the scene.”

Alysa Russell DUI fatal 070413

Madison Rising rendition of the Star Spangled Banner

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8sUMv5sbW8 Facebook is attempting to ban this video from FB.  Repost this on your Facebook […]

Fort McHenry

Texas: Beaumont Police Officer Richard Rovera charged with DWI while driving three kids in his vehicle

From 12NewsNow.com BEAUMONT -A Beaumont police officer is charged with driving while intoxicated, and 12News […]

Officer Richard Rovera