Georgia: Frank Circelli shows cops he is a real “gem”; TV jewelery guru busted twice for DUI over holidays, wasn’t nice…

McCoy said Circelli only mumbled profanities when he was asked questions and he kept dozing off. The officer said the Jaguar’s wheels had damage as if the vehicle had hit the curb. The Gem Shopping Network founder was then placed under arrest.

Frank Circelli Story two DUI arrests

Ohio: Wilfredo Osorio Jr. given light sentence of less than 3 years for DUI homicide by Judge James Burge; Osorio says he “slipped on ice, it was an accident”

Assistant County Prosecutor Nick Hanek urged Burge to impose the maximum sentence, which the judge said was 30 months, in part because of an interview Osorio had with the Lorain County Probation Department in which he reportedly failed to take responsibility for his actions leading to the death of 26-year-old Rachel Frahm of Sullivan.

I told you it was a damn accident

Florida: Gulf County Sheriff Joe Nugent notes recent DUI arrests

  Name: JOELLE KISSANA BRYANT Age: 34 Arrest Date: 10-14-2012 Charge(s): D.U.I., POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, […]


California: DUI arrests booked into Kings County Jail; Ronnie McKee leads the list

The following persons were charged with DUI and booked into the County of Kings Jail, […]