Texas: El Paso Police report DWI arrests for July 14, 2015

Texas: El Paso Police report DWI arrests for July 14, 2015

Lee, Johann 474536

New York: Fulton Police report DWI arrests for July 24, 2015

It is alleged that on the 18th day of June, 2015, at approximately
5:18P.M., the defendant, Misty B. Simmons, while in the 800 block of W.
Broadway, did operate a red 2001 Ford Focus while knowing that she did
not possess a New York State Drivers License and while in an intoxicated
condition. Furthermore the defendant’s records from the New York State
Department of Motor Vehicles show that the defendant was previously convicted
of Driving While Intoxicated

Fulton City Police patrol

California: Enid Diane Mayer-Sheaf killed by DUI driver Anthony Rodriguez

A Chula Vista woman killed by a suspected DUI driver was on her way to care for her mother-in-law before the fatal crash, neighbors told NBC 7 Thursday

Enid Diane Mayer-Sheaf killed by DUI driver Anthony Rodriquez

Nationwide: More than 2,826,718 Visitors to the DWI Hit Parade!

Nationwide: More than 2,240,275 Visitors to the DWI Hit Parade! NOTICE: This data base is a great FREE resource for credit managers, law enforcement and background investigations for private sector as well as government screenings of prospective employees. Those who are impaired are advised not to drive after ingesting drugs or alcohol as doing so and being arrested can cause serious negative experiences for obtaining employment…and could kill someone. If your name appears on this site and you believe you have proper cause to have it removed, provide such information to staff@clean-search.com to determine eligibility for removal. If you have killed someone and been convicted of being responsible for that death while operating impaired, don’t bother. The engravings of victims of impaired drivers are forever on grave markers.

Jamie Webb sent to prison for 14 years for DUI murder of Michael Collins

Washington: State Patrol reports drugs/alcohol factor in Courtney Carlson’s crash into tree

A crash of a car load of people traveling northbound on 15 to Southcenter on milepost 154 came to a sudden end when the 1996 Mercedes piloted by Courtney M. Carlson, 20, failed to stay on the highway on a curve and careened into a tree, reports the Washington State Patrol.

Washington State Patrol

New York: Steve Romeo admitted boozing prior to killing four women in limo

The victims who were killed in the crash were Brittany Schulman, 23, and Lauren Baruch, 24, both from Smithtown; Stephanie Belli, 23, of Kings Park; and Amy Grabina, 23, of Commack

Steve Romeo killed four women in DUI crash into Limo Suffolk Co NY 071915

Vermont: Burlington Police Officer Leanne Werner charged with killing Omer Martin in DUI crash

Initial investigation indicates Werner crossed the double yellow line heading West on Lower Newton Road, causing a head on crash with the vehicle operated by Martin. Werner was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as grossly negligent operation.

Burlington Police Officer Leanne Werner killed Omer Martin in DUI fatal

Oregon: boozing boater Edward Ramirez challenges Deputy with help of drunken mob; more cops quell Mexican War at Detroit Lake

The driver of the boat is 22 year old Edward Ramirez from California and he has been charged with Boating under the influence of Intoxicants. Ramirez had a blood alcohol content one and a half times the legal limit. The other two subjects that were arrested are 23 year old Ivan Barajas and 26 year old Ernesto Barajas who are both from California. They have been charged with Disorderly Conduct

Detroit Lake Marina arrest scene of DWI boater Marion County Ore unruly crowd confronting Deputy in new Mexican War.

Georgia: Tyler Morgan Hutcherson held without bond in DUI crash that killed Louis Caldararo Jr

Tyler Morgan Hutcherson, 23, is being held without bond in the Douglas County jail, charged in the July 11 wreck that killed Louis Caldararo Jr., 42, also of Douglasville. The wreck also injured a passenger in her car

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller