Delaware: Scott Bartow charged with DUI after causing chain reaction crash that killed Detrick Jones

He was arrested and charged by troopers with Vehicular Assault 2nd Degree, Careless Driving, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, and No Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Christiana firefighters worked to free man who died in crash caused by DUI driver Scott Bartow

Oregon: Michael David Lindenburger arrested after he smacked cop as bike weaved between traffic lanes

As he rode by, the rider slapped the right forearm of one of the officers, who had it resting on the open window sill of the patrol car.


Georgia: Rep. Tom Taylor was tossing down the brew with his 4 kids in his SUV when busted for DUI; 3 times legal limit!

Officer Michael Bennett reported that Taylor exited his vehicle and was legally carrying a gun on his hip. Bennett said Taylor had “an overwhelming odor of alcohol,” but denied that he had anything to drink.

Will this politician use this photo of him being 3 sheets to the wind wind in his next election? Rabun County Ga jail booking photo of Georgia Rep. Tom Taylor R  Dunwoody DUI arrest with 4 kids in SUV 040716

Maryland: State Police Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests 4/2/16 to 4/8/16: Tenille PUAQUATIA Williams is a drug and DUI star!

Tenille PUAQUATIA Williams, 40, of 7184 WHITE RICHARDSON RD., Pittsville, MD (possession of drugs, not marijuana) by Trooper J. Wilkins. DUI arrest on April 3, at 2:04 am by Trooper B. Teves. Williams was operating a 2016 Ford with Delaware tags XP342506.

Maryland State Trooper on traffic stop in Easton, Maryland. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Illinois: Dillon C. Nolan will serve 5 1/2 years in prison for crashing while DUI and dumping his dead pal in another county!

Assistant State’s Attorney Jeremy Beard noted Nolan didn’t call authorities but rather his “buddies” to “save his own skin.” Those friends helped him move the truck out of the cornfield and take Fuller’s body to a Fulton County home where he was found the next day. That, Beard said, was a despicable and an immoral action that showed Nolan’s lack of remorse.

Dillon Nolan moved his pal's dead body to another county after killing him in DUI crash following night a bar.

Florida: Highway Patrol’s most wanted; DUI killers are on the lam – Carlos Augusto Lacayo leads the list

Lacayo swerved to miss the crashed vehicle and lost control, sliding into the barrier wall and striking all 5 people. All 5 people died as a result of their injuries sustained from being struck by Lacayo. Lacayo may have fled to Honduras.

Carlos Augusto Lacayo DUI killer fugitive from Florida 041416

Florida: Carey C. Price nabbed in Dominican Republic for DUI manslaughter in Florida after 12 years on the run

Carey C. Price was captured in the Dominican Republic after the Central Florida Task Force and the U. S. Marshal’s Service captured him. Price had been using the name of Jay Rice and in a bar in the island nation, he disclosed to another patron that he was wanted in the U. S.

Carey Price captured on DUI manslaughter after 12 years by U. S