Texas: El Paso Police DWI arrests thru June 19 thru 29, 2017

El Paso Police Benito  Cruz De Los Santos DWI 6/19/2017 Emma  Rico DWI 6/17/2017 Jonathan  […]

Nevada: DUI driver Alfredo Vazquez ­Orozco took his party on the road and killed a 55-year-old Las Vegas woman 

The male driver of the Chevrolet pickup, Alfredo Vazquez ­Orozco, 30, of Las Vegas, had a minor injury and was transported to UMC Trauma and displayed signs of impairment.

California: Reyes Lazaro Decided to Take A Walk On the Dead Side of 110; Creamed by DUI Driver Byung Mi

When Lazaro took his stroll on the highway, police say that a 2003 Honda Accord was traveling at the legal speed limit when it smashed into Lazaro and his car,

Oregon: State Police say alcohol at play in death of infant US 97 crash caused by Brandon Shaw failing to yield

The 9-month-old infant passenger of the Ford Escape suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene after life-saving measures were performed by medical personnel.