California: Lillian Kay Waniata, 59 of Palm Desert, got hole-in-one on golf course in her Chrysler while DUI

Lillian Kay Waniata, 59 of Palm Desert, was traveling eastbound on Gran Via in a blue Chrysler 300, when she suddenly entered the golf course and collided into the wash basin.

Lillian Kay Waniata DUI arrest Palm Desert Police Calif 061016

California: La Quinta Police charged James Tucker with being DUI-druggie coward who hit and ran from crash

The witness followed the vehicle to Avenida Martinez, where the driver entered a residence. The driver of the F-150, James Tucker, age 53 of La Quinta, was contacted and detained for the investigation of the Hit and Run.

La Quinta Police

Maryland: Sam Ellis sentenced to 2 years each for killing Alex Murk and Calvin Li in DUI crash

“It goes without saying, we were extremely disappointed that so many family and friends of Alex and Calvin within our community who had knowledge of what took place that evening, were unwilling to come forward without subpoenas and a Grand Jury proceeding,” the Murks said in the statement.

Sam Ellis will face double DUI rap for deaths of Calvin Li and Alex Murk

Nationwide: Graduation and crashes into oak trees break up that old gang each spring; Jacob Dennis killed self and pals

The scene of human devastation was so severe, police officers were told to turn off their body cameras to prevent recording images of the two dead teens on the scene which could later be viewed by the public.

Jacob Dennis crash scene at Clarksburg Md. Photo courtesy of NBC 4 Washington