Alabama: State Troopers charge two for DUI; Jonathan Bradley Varner with DUI and reckless murder

Jonathan Bradley Varner, 36, of San Marcos, Texas, was arrested and charged with Reckless Murder. The arrest stems from a fatal traffic crash in which Varner was involved on June 12. Varner was booked into the Elmore County Jail with a $15,000 bond

Jonathan Bradley Varner, 36, of San Marcos, Texas,  Montgomery Ala 063015

California: Benjamin Liano charged with DUI fatal crash of motorcyclist Alexander Fiala in Temecula

On June 28, 2015, about 8:30 pm, officers from the Temecula Police Department responded to a reported hit and run traffic collision involving a motorcyclist with serious injuries in the 31800 block of Rancho California Road in the city of Temecula. The suspect in the hit and run, Benjamin Liano (22) of Temecula, was detained nearby

Ben Liano skunk chicken or both DUI killer in Temecula Calif 062915

Maryland: The Wild Woman of Borneo Karen Sue Nims bared her fangs at deputies; busted for DUI

Nims advised she would submit to a field sobriety test then became upset and started to walk away, falling into the rear of her vehicle. While being placed under arrest she kicked at the officers, striking Holt in the leg. She was arrested and placed into the patrol vehicle, at which time she began to yell and scream profanities.

Wild Woman of Borneo Karen Sue Nims

Utah: DUI arrests down and alcohol fatalities up in recent years

DUI arrests have dropped dramatically statewide the past few years. While the state’s population continues to grow, the DUI arrest rate has declined nearly 36 percent since 2009, according the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice’s 2014 DUI report to the Legislature

Utah HP on traffic stop

Maryland: Kelsey L. Hardister busted for DUI; passenger Adolph J. Scott not ‘scott-free’ with pot

The driver, Kelsey L. Hardister, 25, of Clayton, NC, was arrested for DUI. A search revealed she had a knife concealed on her person and a counterfeit $100 bill

Maryland State Trooper on traffic stop