Colorado: Cyclist Tom Flanagan killed by DUI driver Zachary Scott Strnad; booked in Jefferson jail for DUI homicide

Colorado State Patrol charged Zachary Scott Strnad with multiple counts of DUI homicide, according to booking records in the Jefferson County jail. Strnad is charged with mowing down cyclist Tom Flanagan in a head-on crash as the DUI driver passed two vehicles over a double yellow line.

Zachary Scott Strnad charged with DUI homicide by Colo State Patrol 082115

Louisiana: State Police announce Senior Trooper Steven Vincent died from gunshot by suspected DUI driver

During the course of the interaction, Daigle produced a shotgun and fired at Trooper Vincent striking him in the head. As Daigle attempted to flee the scene, several passing motorists successfully detained Daigle while others began to render aid to Trooper Vincent while calling for emergency assistance

Kevin Daigle charged with murder of Louisiana Trooper Steven Vincent

Kentucky: State Police report DWI arrest of Michael Clark

Whitesville Man Arrested in Ohio County (Henderson, KY)  August 16, 2015 – According to the […]

Kentucky State Police trooper and cruiser 1950's.

Maryland: State Police DUI arrests April 12 thru April 16, 2015

Maryland: State Police DUI arrests April 12 thru April 16, 2015

A great way to get a free ride on this new Maryland State Police medevac helicopter is to operate a motorcycle while impaired and go too fast around a curve. DWI HIT PARADE photo