Oregon: homeowner blasted with his gun as DUI driver attempted to flee damaged property

According to Washington County Oregon Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a man for DUII and other charges after a homeowner fired a handgun in close proximity to keep him from fleeing after a crash.

On August 7, 2014, at 11:16 p.m., Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a disturbance at a residence located in the 17800 block of SW Hillsboro Highway in the community of Scholls. A vehicle reportedly crashedonto the property and was attempted to flee the scenewhen the homeowner fired a gun to stop the driver from leaving.

Multiple Sheriff’s Deputies responded and were able toquickly secure the scene and confirm that there wereno injuries. Deputies found Hunter Tintera

Hunter Tintera ran into the wrong guy's property while DUI

Montana: police charge both Cal Erickson Mullen and Jason West with fatal DUI Interstate 15 crash

West admitted to having four alcoholic drinks earlier in the night. Court documents said his BAC varied from 0.10 at the scene to .08 in a blood test. He also showed signs of impairment in four out of six field sobriety tests.

West is facing three felony charges of criminal endangerment for driving after drinking and inattentively. Prosecutors filed one count per passenger in his vehicle.

After reconstructing the crash, Montana Highway Patrol troopers determined “that a driver paying attention to the road would have had sufficient time and distance to either stop or slow and steer around a hazard in the road,” court documents say.

Montana Highway Patrol

California: What are the odds that any driver in Jurupa Valley is sober after midnight? Cops bag both drivers in crash for DUI

Both drivers involved in the traffic collision were transported to local hospitals where they were treated for minor injuries. The preliminary investigation revealed that alcohol was a factor during this collision. Both drivers were arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol.
•Everardo Ruiz, age 31 – felony hit and run, felony DUI, booked into Robert Presley Detention Center
•Identity unknown female, 30′s – felony DUI with injuries

Riverside County Sheriff patrol

Virginia: Lawyer Mark Sgarlata pleaded guilty to killing Patrick and Leia Wrenn in DUI crash

A deputy at the scene wrote in the arrest records, “Sgarlata had slurred speech with a heavy odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Sgarlata was unsteady on his feet and was found with his pants unbuckled and shirt unbuttoned. Mr. Sgarlata admitted to drinking 5 glasses of wine before the crash.”

On Friday, as he pleaded guilty, he told the judge that was “the best way to put all this behind us.”

But that’s not so simple a task for the victims family.

“[I] just take it a day at a time, and just kind of see what they would want me to do,” said Leia Wrenn’s daughter Tonya Adkins outside the Leesburg courthouse Friday morning.