Texas: San Antonio Police take the public on a virtual ride-along; gather the nuts behind the wheel that are DWI

Join us tonight for our first ever virtual ride-along targeting drunk driving. We are gearing up for a fun, safe night in true San Antonio style! While our officers are targeting drunk driving in high traffic areas, we are also looking for other traffic infractions. Let’s remember to keep safety as our top priority! Stay tuned as we update throughout the evening.

San Antonio Police First impaired driver of the night taken off the streets at Tesla and Culebra. 041815

Texas: San Antonio FD medic Erich Wolf suspended after 3rd DWI

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio Fire Department paramedic is serving a 90-day suspension following a string of drunk driving arrests last year.

Erich Wolf, a paramedic assigned to Fire Station 9 on San Antonio’s east side, had already been flagged by SAFD supervisors for tardiness when he was arrested for DWI in Austin on August 15.

Erich Wolf Will Be Your Medic in San Antonio 3rd DWI

Texas: Booze a factor in serious crash, say El Paso Police; 41-year-old man in custody, charges pending

While the three individuals were outside of their vehicles changing the tire a 2008 Ford F250 veered into the emergency lane and struck all three victims as well as the Maxima and the F150. All three individuals were transported to area hospitals. The two males are reported to be in stable condition however, the female victim sustained life threatening injuries and was reported to be in critical condition.