Florida: Monroe Sheriff reports DUI driver hell-bent for mayhem brought to halt in bar parking lot

Instead of pulling over, the driver – later identified as 36 year old Barry Pieger, continued on, failing to stop. He finally turned off the road into the Looe Key Tiki Bar parking lot. He drove through the lot and stopped just short of the Shell gas station on Ramrod Key.

Barry Pieger DUI arrest by Monroe County Fla Deputy on Aug 1 2015 after chase works as a diver in Key West

Florida: William Gainey charged with double DUI; killed Christopher Ivey and his son Jaden in rear-ender at red light

Thanks to the media coverage of this crash, and our social media fans, we were able to identify two witnesses who came forward to help us piece together the timeline of William Gainey’s actions leading up to this horrific event. Furthermore, thanks to the computer equipment in his truck, we know that he accelerated from 73 to 80 MPH just before impact, and made no attempt to brake.

William Monroe Gainey DUI homicide double Polk Co So FL 053115