Florida: Pinellas Deputy Timothy Vaughan fired after killing woman when he crashed into her motorcycle while DUI

Alexandria Marler, was thrown off the bike and into the street before troopers say Pinellas Deputy Timothy Vaughan ran her over. Vaughan was fired after his arrest.

Pinellas Deputy Timothy Vaughan DWI manslaughter arrest in Manatee County Fla 050816

Florida: Highway Patrol’s most wanted; DUI killers are on the lam – Carlos Augusto Lacayo leads the list

Lacayo swerved to miss the crashed vehicle and lost control, sliding into the barrier wall and striking all 5 people. All 5 people died as a result of their injuries sustained from being struck by Lacayo. Lacayo may have fled to Honduras.

Carlos Augusto Lacayo DUI killer fugitive from Florida 041416