Massachusetts: doc’s boozy cruise ended her career as she did real harm to her victim in DUI wreck

Wellesley —2013-09-13 — A Wellesley woman who in 2009 was lauded as Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s  “Doctor of the Year” was sentenced Friday to 3 years probation after pleading  guilty to several charges that stemmed from a drunk driving crash last  November.

Kristin Howard, who worked at Newton-Wellesley for 13 years prior to the  crash, admitted her role in an alcohol-related collision that left one man  injured and effectively ended her medical career.

According to police reports, Howard backed her car into a fence and a  vehicle in the parking lot of a Wellesley grocery store before accelerating  quickly through the parking lot. Howard’s SUV became airborne as she exited the  lot and then struck another vehicle that was stopped at a red light on the  street.

The former physician pleaded guilty in Dedham District Court to operating a  motor vehicle under the influence leading to serious bodily injury and leaving  the scene of an accident in which property was damaged. She’ll be required to  complete community service, remain drug and alcohol free and submit to random  drug and alcohol testing as


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