Texas: Tarrant Judge Sharen Wilson grasps for success a handfull of felony drunk drivers at a time in 4-year program

From Star Telegram
After Kenneth Alley’s divorce, things went downhill.
Daniel Sanchez couldn’t stop reliving his past — and the death of his infant daughter. David Griffin’s life had become unmanageable.
All three tried to drink their problems away and wound up behind bars — again and again and again — for drunken driving.
Four years ago, they found themselves at a crossroads: Go to prison or accept an intensive four-year probation with one of Tarrant County’s toughest judges.
They chose the latter and, last week, they walked out of Sharen Wilson’s courtroom free and sober. They are among the first graduates of the Felony Alcohol Intervention Project, or FAIP, an innovative program designed to treat high-risk offenders who have had three or more DWIs.
“Everybody knows I lock people up,” Wilson said. “I believe in consequences for conduct. But there is no joy in locking up a drunk. I got tired of it. They spend whatever time they are in there thinking about their next cold beer or shot of whiskey. They haven’t dealt with the issue.”  …..MORE

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