Louisiana: after man kills sister while driving drunk, put himself in hospital, his mommy says he should be let out of jail to come home to heal

HAUGHTON, LA  – The accident that landed 44-year-old Harold McWilliams, Jr. in a wheel chair and a neck brace and killed his sister has also now landed him behind bars, but his mother says he should be at home. “He’s been through enough,” says Paula McWilliams. “Dealing with his sister’s death, God knows, it’s a hard issue to deal with for all of us. We just want prayers for him, and we want him home. He needs to be home to heal.”
He was arrested and sent straight to jail upon his release from LSUHSC late Saturday night, charged with DWI 2nd offense and vehicular homicide. He also faces charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless operation, speeding, no seatbelt and no proof of liability insurance.   …..MORE

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