Information provided in these reports has been obtained from official sources and published news accounts, including but not limited to local police, fire and emergency dispatch officials. Information is sourced only from official sources of public information unless otherwise stated. Subjects listed who have been charged or cited for crimes have not been proven guilty in court and all acts are alleged with the exception of those who have been convicted.
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THE DWI HIT PARADE – News and Commentary about those who choose to drive impaired.


To the Memory of all those killed by Drunk Driver

Notice:  Some who have obtained expungements of their DWI arrests seek to have their names removed from this list.  The only way that such removal can be obtained is to supply notarized and satisfactory proof of false arrest with a written statement by the arresting agency.  Families of victims of drunk drivers have been consulted about such requests and they want to know how they can expunge the names of their loved ones from their tombstones. 

Many of those who are arrested for DWI in the United States are listed here sooner or later; therefore if you do not wish to be on this list call a cab when you decide to party. 

DWI arrests can cause loss of security clearances, job opportunities, and promotions and an increase in the cost of insurance, all of which pale in comparison to the loss of life. 

There are no second chances for those killed by Impaired Drivers…therefore do not expect that an appeal for being taken off this list will be considered, other than the aforementioned avenue.

If you believe that information is posted in error, forward supporting documentation to the email address set forth below.  If the documentation establishes that you are correct, the information at issue will be removed or corrected. Otherwise, all posted information will remain as published.
 We do not require payment for the correction of errors.

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