Arizona: Edgar Borquez fled the scene after killing Mary Rodriguez; now faces DUI murder charge and long stretch in slammer

Edgar Borquez Yuma AZ fatal 082213

Parents of accused hid evidence from cops, charged along with their son

From Yuma Sun

Yuma, Arizona — 2013-08-23 — The suspect arrested in connection to the hit-and-run death of a Yuma  teenager is facing seven charges, including second-degree murder, driving under  the influence of alcohol and drugs, leaving the scene of an accident and  endangering the life of a second person.

The alleged driver, Edgar Borquez, 23, appeared before Justice of the Peace  Jorge Lozano, San Luis Justice Court Precinct 2, via video-feed from the Yuma  County Adult Detention Center Thursday morning.

Lozano notified Borquez that he faced a second-degree murder class 1 felony  for allegedly engaging in reckless conduct that resulted in the death of  14-year-old Mary Rodriguez.

According to police, Borquez ran a red light and hit the girl as she  skateboarded across the road inside the crosswalk at the intersection of 24th  Street and Avenue B shortly before 5 a.m.

Borquez reportedly fled the scene, leaving Rodriguez with critical injuries  that caused her ….MORE

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