Arizona: not just real cops drive drunk, fake TV cops do too! Carmine Giovinazzo busted for DUI

Carmine Giovinazzo, Mug shot
Carmine Giovinazzo

From E Online
Carmine Giovinazzo
may play a cop on TV, but he’s run afoul of the law in real life.
The CSI: NY star was collared for a DUI in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Jan. 21.
Per the police report obtained by E! News, the 39-year-old Giovinazzo was behind the wheel of a white Jeep Wrangler with two other passengers when police responded to a call about an impaired driver. After observing him drifting across three lanes, a cruiser pulled him over.

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According to the arresting officer’s report, Carmine was “immediately apologetic” and told him the reason he’d been driving erratically was because he was lost and fiddling with the GPS. However, after the ….MORE