Arizona: Roberto Salamanca found guilty of manslaughter of Kyle Wible; was texting drunken diatribe to his girlfriend when he killed

Illegal Alien will get to stay in U. S. for a long time…

Roberto Salamanca
From Arizona Sun
Roberto Salamanca, a 20-year-old undocumented immigrant raised in Flagstaff, was found guilty of manslaughter Tuesday in the drunk driving collision that killed 20-year-old Kyle Wible last summer.
Prosecutors had charged the defendant with the more serious crime of second-degree murder. The verdict, which carries a presumptive sentence of at least five fewer years than second-degree murder, brought immediate tears to Wible’s family and supporters.
Sentencing is set for Sept. 20. After serving his sentence, Salamanca likely will be deported.
Salamanca was drunk and driving without a valid license at 80 mph last August when he attempted to pass two cars on East Route 66 near downtown and lost control. Salamanca’s GMC Yukon collided head-on with Wible’s Nissan Sentra, crushing the smaller car in front of a local mortuary.
Wible was the oldest of 11 brothers and sisters and his father is a retired Coconino County Sheriff’s Office deputy.
“At the heart of this case is a great loss suffered by the Wible family, but also by the community,” Deputy Coconino County Attorney Jonathan Mosher ….MORE