Arizona: Speaker’s top aide was 3 times legal limit and 2 vials of cocaine in his car

From Phoenix New Times

Victor Riches, chief of staff to Republican Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin, had two vials of cocaine in his leased car when police pulled him over last year on suspicion of DUI.
Bicycle riders take heed: Riches was seen speeding and driving in a bike lane near his north-central Phoenix home before he was stopped on April 18, 2010, according to an article in the Arizona Guardian.
The aide’s blood-alcohol content later was tested at .253; the cops didn’t test his blood for drugs and haven’t charged him with drug possession. An Associated Press article says that Riches paid a fine and served 48 hours in jail, 13 days of work-release from jail, and 30 days of home arrest. ….MORE

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