CALIFORNIA: Anaheim Police DUI arrest bookings for March 19 thru April 19, 2019; Jose Alfredo Alcantar Garcia charged with DUI injury of a police employee

Jose Alfredo Alcantar Garcia fatal DUI crash drugs on March 9, 2019 Anaheim Police Calif.

Civilian Anaheim Police Employee Critically Injured by DUI Driver

ANAHEIM, CALIF (March 9, 2019) – A female civilian Traffic Control Assistant (TCA) was critically injured early Saturday afternoon when her vehicle was struck by a driver who is suspected of driving under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana.

The APD employee was performing traffic control duties on La Palma Avenue across the street from Servite High School when the collision occurred. She was stopped and seated in a marked traffic vehicle blocking traffic in the westbound number two lane of La Palma Avenue when the suspect vehicle, a blue 2017 Toyota Tundra, struck her from behind. She was ejected from the vehicle and suffered critical injuries. Co-workers and paramedics rendered medical aid and she was transported to a local trauma center where she remains in critical condition.

The driver of the suspect vehicle, Jose Alfredo Alcantar Garcia, a 34-year-old resident of Placentia, was booked at the Anaheim Detention Facility Charges include felony driving under the influence of drugs causing great bodily injury, possession of methamphetamine for sale, transportation of methamphetamine, and driving on a suspended driver’s license. His bail is statutorily set at 100,000.


ZUNIGA, REBECCA ANNFW11/02/197504/20/2019 00:25VC 23152(F)GO 2019-54798
SUTTON, SCOTT ROBINMW02/28/197904/20/2019 18:16VC 23152(F)GO 2019-55106
GUERRERO, OSCAR ALEXANDERMH04/21/199204/20/2019 18:50VC 23152(A)GO 2019-55113

Jesus arrested for DUI on Good Friday

CERVANTESSARCO, J JESUSMH01/07/198604/19/2019 23:45VC 23152(A)GO 2019-54787
FLORES, YECIRENIAFH05/23/199604/20/2019 21:04VC 23152(F)GO 2019-55187
ARMSTRONG, KARISS CAPRIFB12/19/199704/19/2019 18:38VC 23152(F)GO 2019-54624
RAMIREZ, MELISSA TASCANOFH01/31/198904/18/2019 17:00VC 23152(F)GO 2019-54016
RUIZ, JAIME DAVIDMH11/14/198304/18/2019 13:01VC 23152(F)GO 2019-53876
RANGEL, ANTHONYMH05/29/198704/17/2019 21:25VC 23153(A)GO 2019-53553
CARBAJAL, JOSE JUANMH07/23/197704/17/2019 18:07VC 23152(F)GO 2019-53464
MUTCH, NICHOLAS SCOTTMO07/04/198104/17/2019 18:40VC 23152(F)GO 2019-53483
BROWN, JUSTINMB09/17/199904/16/2019 12:28VC 23152(F)GO 2019-52791
DEL PUERTO, JOSE ANTONIOMH01/16/199204/15/2019 17:25VC 23152(F)GO 2019-52425
BREHM, ALEXANDER MICHAELMW10/18/196904/14/2019 15:30VC 23152(B)GO 2019-51895
MORALES, FRANCISCO PLATONMH07/18/198404/13/2019 22:20VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-51577
VIRGEN, CARLOSMH10/02/199304/13/2019 19:56VC 23152(G)GO 2019-51504
ANDERSEN, DEBORAH HOIUMFW02/19/195604/12/2019 21:59VC 23152(A)GO 2019-51110
BATTIEST, SHERYL LYNNFI11/18/196904/11/2019 20:05VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-50525
DOMINGUEZ, JAIME JOSEMW03/20/196604/10/2019 21:55VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-50100
BUSTAMANTE, BRIAN ALEXISMH07/07/199704/08/2019 20:51VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-48925
GURZI, JULIA MARIFW11/22/199504/08/2019 17:13VC 23152(A)GO 2019-48828
RIVERA, MARIELENA GONZALEZFH07/20/199304/08/2019 07:22VC 23152(A)GO 2019-48565
GONZALES, ERNESTOMH10/07/199504/08/2019 04:51VC 23152(A)GO 2019-48552
GONZALEZ, LUIS MANUELMW07/01/198904/07/2019 22:02VC 23152(A)GO 2019-48454
CANTERA, JESSEMH08/30/199804/06/2019 14:08VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-47828
CASTILLO, ARMANDOMH05/31/199804/05/2019 10:29VC 23152(F) DrugsGO 2019-47240
MACIAS, AMBER ROSEFH04/07/199104/05/2019 03:27VC 23153(B)GO 2019-47113
MARISCAL, ALFREDOMH01/06/199904/04/2019 23:11VC 23153(A)GO 2019-47050
CHALFANT, SARA LYNNFW08/11/196804/04/2019 17:45VC 23152(A)GO 2019-46909
LUNA, EDWARD JAMESMH12/17/196604/04/2019 16:15VC 23152(A)GO 2019-46903
ROBLES, BUDDYMH05/11/198404/04/2019 15:39VC 23152(A)GO 2019-46863
RAMIREZ-CASTILLO, LENIN ABMH01/24/197804/04/2019 02:50VC 23152(A)GO 2019-46634
AGUILAR, FILIBERTOMH03/20/199804/02/2019 20:36VC 23152(F)GO 2019-45973
AB 2019-2680SONG, TAI HOMO02/17/199104/02/2019 16:24VC 23152(F)
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
GO 2019-45829
ORTIZ, LUIS ALBERTOMH04/09/198404/02/2019 03:15VC 23152(A)GO 2019-45536
SIMON, ANDYMW01/31/198704/01/2019 18:29VC 23152(F)
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
GO 2019-45360
PEDROZATAPIA, RICARDOMH07/12/198604/01/2019 03:12VC 23152(A)GO 2019-45075
RAMIREZ, ISRAELMH04/18/197303/31/2019 22:08VC 23152(A)GO 2019-44978
ZALPA, SELENAFH04/22/199703/30/2019 13:20VC 23152(A)GO 2019-44314
PACHECO, ANNA ISABELFH10/19/198603/30/2019 03:07VC 23152(A)GO 2019-44155
DOMINGUEZ, KIMBERLYFH07/25/199203/28/2019 23:22VC 23152(F)
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
GO 2019-43568
VALENCIA, SERGIO MANUELMH09/29/199403/28/2019 19:28VC 23152(A)GO 2019-43480
PARRA, NEFFTALYMH03/28/199103/28/2019 14:40VC 23152(F)
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
GO 2019-43300
CANO, JUAN CARLOSMH06/26/198903/28/2019 03:04VC 23152(A)GO 2019-43068
BAUTISTA, ERICMH03/22/199103/27/2019 23:14VC 23153(A)GO 2019-43010
MURESANNI, LUCIANOMO09/15/196003/27/2019 18:55VC 23152(A)GO 2019-42882
ZAPATA, PATRICK WILLIAMMH03/10/199503/26/2019 18:19VC 23152(F)
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
GO 2019-42284
SALDIVAR, JESUSMO01/05/195603/26/2019 15:37VC 23152(A)GO 2019-42178
PONCEACOSTA, RAMONMH10/14/198203/25/2019 02:45VC 23152(A)GO 2019-41401
HERNANDEZ, HERIBERTO FIGUEMH03/16/197203/24/2019 19:48VC 23152(A)GO 2019-41256
SANCHEZRENTERIA, FRANCISCOMH07/19/197803/24/2019 05:34VC 23152(A)GO 2019-41002
CARRILLO, LANDON ANTHONYMH08/15/198903/24/2019 03:00VC 23153(A)GO 2019-40976
GONZALEZ, NORMA ANAHIFH01/12/199603/23/2019 00:27VC 23152(F)GO 2019-40435
HERNANDEZ, JUAN MANUELMH02/20/197903/22/2019 23:00VC 23152(A)GO 2019-40378
ORELLANA, REBECCA ROSEFH03/03/198403/22/2019 19:37VC 23152(F)GO 2019-40297
MILLER, TRAVIS JOHNMB12/21/199103/20/2019 20:37VC 23152(A)GO 2019-39183
SUTHERLAND, RICHARD GABRIEMU01/29/199103/20/2019 16:40VC 23152(G)GO 2019-39092

Woman Arrested for Gross Vehicular Manslaughter and DUI Following Fatal Collision

ANAHEIM, CALIF (February 10, 2019) – A 47-year-old La Mirada woman was arrested for suspicion of Gross Vehicular Manslaughter while Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs Causing Bodily Injury after a late night collision in Anaheim. Stefanie Lyn Bieser was booked at the Anaheim Detention Facility on the statutorily established bail of $100,000.

Stefanie Lyn Bieser killed pedestrian in DUI crash on Feb. 10, 2019 Anaheim Police (2)

At 11:04 pm Saturday night, APD officers were called to an auto versus pedestrian collision on Disneyland Drive north of Katella Avenue. Preliminary investigation revealed Bieser was driving a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser northbound on Disneyland Drive when she jumped the curb and struck the victim, as well as a utility box and a tree. The victim, a 54 year old resident of Fresno was walking southbound on the east sidewalk of Disneyland Drive when he was struck. The victim suffered major injuries and was transported to UCI Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.