CALIFORNIA: Angela Fife wouldn’t freeze to death if she was walking across the North pole in a bikini – she was 5 times legal limit when busted for DUI by Lakeport Police


Lakeport Police


CALIFORNIA: Angela Fife wouldn’t freeze to death if she was walking across the North Pole in a bikini – she was 5 times legal limit when busted for DUI by Lakeport Police

blood alcohol level of .40%

LAKEPORT, CALIF. – A wild driver was arrested for DUI On December 4th at approximately 5:15 PM an off-duty Lakeport Police Department (LPD) Officer was driving a personal vehicle on Lakeshore Blvd. in the 2000 Block. The Officer saw a silver Chevrolet Impala driving south on Lakeshore Blvd and noticed it was weaving and in the bicycle lane and on the roadway shoulder. The Officer then saw the vehicle go into the opposite lane head-on toward another vehicle.

Not being able to stop the Impala, the Officer called in the vehicle and requested assistance for a drunk driver stop. While waiting for other LPD Officers, the off-duty Officer continued to follow the Impala and make observations. The Impala continued to travel dangerously and in the area of South Main Street and Lupoyoma Ave., it went through a crosswalk with a Pedestrian trying to cross.

On-duty Officers were responding in an emergency manner in order to get into position to stop the Impala and were able to stop it in the 300 Block of Lakeport Blvd.


The driver and sole occupant was identified as 44-year-old Lakeport resident Angela Fife. Officers determined that Fife was in fact intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .40% which is 5 times .08% which is the limit where a person is presumed to be intoxicated while driving in California.

Because of her high blood alcohol content, Fife had to be taken to a local hospital for medical clearance before she could be booked into the jail.

After clearance, Fife was transported to the Lake County Jail and booked for driving under the influence, driving with .08% or more alcohol in the blood, driving with alcohol in the blood while on probation for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a drivers license suspended for a previous driving under the influence arrest, for having a third driving under the influence arrest within the past 10 years, for driving a vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock device as previously ordered by a court to ensure she did not drive while under the influence and for an outstanding warrant from Sonoma County for driving with a license suspended for driving under the influence.

Lakeport California Police Chief Brad Rasmussen notes that two DUI drivers have crashed in Lakeport in the past week and urges drivers to make better decisions.

Posting on Facebook, Chief Brad Rasmussen said, “We appreciate our Officers work to remove as many intoxicated drivers as we can from our roadways and are glad this driver was not able to hurt or kill someone.”

Chief Brad Rasmussen said, “During the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year season we tend to see increases in drunk driving and will be increasing our efforts to arrest these persons. We ask for the public’s assistance in being alert for drunk drivers and calling 911 to report them when observed.”

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