California: cops say man who turned pickup into death delivery system for two was drunk behind the wheel


CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — Two people are dead after an early morning crash in Clovis, and a Clovis man is accused of drunk driving.
Larry Garcia was in custody at Community Regional Medical Center on Sunday night. People who live near where the crash happened say after the crash Garcia sat on the street corner, and they could smell alcohol on him.
Family friends said Keith Smith and his girlfriend Jessica Matthes had recently moved in together. Smith died at the scene of the crash and Matthes died at the hospital a short time later. Clovis Police say the car they were in was struck by the pick-up truck Larry Garcia was driving while he ran a red light.
Heather McCullough lives in a nearby apartment and heard the crash. “You couldn’t hear any screeching tires, just a loud boom.”  …..MORE

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