California: hopelessly pathetic District Attorney and Judge agree to deal for 6 months in jail for DUI killer Kieren Brewer in killing Hanren Chang

Kieren Brewer, sentenced to but six months in jail for DUI murder. He brought his mommy and daddy to court with him.

Kieren Brewer, sentenced to but six months in jail for DUI murder. He brought his mommy and daddy to court with him.

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SAN  FRANCISCO — 2014-04-09 —A man who fatally struck a high school girl on her 17th birthday  on San Francisco’s Sloat Boulevard last year was sentenced Tuesday morning to  six months in jail following an emotional court hearing.

Kieren Brewer, 29, of San Francisco, arrived in court with his  mother and father to be sentenced for the DUI crash on March 2, 2013, that  killed 17-year-old Hanren Chang, a junior at San Francisco’s Lowell High  School.

Hanren was struck while crossing Sloat Boulevard at Vale Avenue  around 11 p.m. after celebrating her birthday that day.

Last month, Brewer pleaded guilty to three felony charges of  vehicular manslaughter and DUI causing injury.

Judge Brendan Conroy sentenced Brewer to five years’ probation,  which includes six months in county jail and six months under home detention  with an ankle monitor.

The judge also ordered Brewer to undergo a nine-month DUI program,  serve 300 hours of community service and pay thousands of dollars in court  and restitution fees.

Brewer surrendered to begin his six-month jail term.  The judge requested Brewer return to court for a June 12 progress report on  the other portion of his sentence.

Conroy dismissed the prosecutors’ request for Brewer’s punishment  to include a strike under the state’s three-strikes sentencing law.

Before surrendering to authorities, Assistant District Attorney  Tiffany Sutton spoke on behalf of Hanren’s father, Wenhan Chang, who had  declined to attend the sentencing.

Sutton said she had spoken to Chang and said he was relieved to  hear that Brewer was remorseful for his actions.

“He was happy the matter was going to be resolved,” Sutton said.

She added that Chang had relayed that he did not want further  punishment for Brewer.

Conroy called the father’s statements a “remarkable statement of  compassion.”

Brewer gave a statement to the court, choking back tears, as he  said, “There are no words to express the sorrow and remorse I feel.”

He said, “I made a poor decision on that night … and I want to  express my ….MORE