California: Ian Pike fishes for sympathy & posts his bruises on Facebook from hospital; faces DUI homicide charges for killing Jacqueline Cork

Ian Pike crybaby over bruise

Ian Pike’s Jeep before rollover backwards down hill from his Facebook page.

Death of Jackie Cork appears to be collateral damage in a culture of self-absorbed millennial generation

California: Ian Pike fishes for sympathy & posts his bruises on Facebook from hospital; faces DUI homicide charges for killing Jacqueline Cork

Jackie Cork dead in DUI rollover with Ian Pike

In an amazing display of sheer ignorance, cowardice and lack of empathy for his victim, Jackie Cork, of Redlands, California, Ian Pike posted a photo of himself on his Facebook page displaying his own bruised arm from his hospital bed, five days after his DUI-fueled crash that killed Pike, a passenger in his vehicle. After listing his various injuries, he then provided limited sentiments about the death of “his girlfriend” without taking any responsibility for her death or for the DUI homicide charges he faces.

Ian Pike charged in fatal DUI Rowher Flats CHP photo 012115

“Thank you for all the well wishes, you all are amazing. 1/2 surgeries completed. Back broken in 5 places, broken hip, clavicle, bruised lung, with numerous cuts ad bruises. Unfortunately my girlfriend was not so lucky and passed away. I miss and love her so incredibly much and I’m happy for the time we’ve spent together. I I’m so sorry Jackie. If you want to contact me I’m at the Antelope Valley hospital in Lacaster CA, just ask for my room.” Not one of his dozens of friends provided comments about the woman he killed. Not one of the “friends” of Jackie Cork posted condolences to her family or about her on her Facebook page.

Ian James Pike
January 15 near Lancaster, CA ·
Gnarliest bruise I’ve ever had.
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  • Kim Patrick Ouch just get some rest I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers buddy
    January 15 at 12:19pm · 1
  • Mark Smythe My right butt cheek looked like that after an incident with a swing back in ’98.

    I’m sure that image will get you through the morning.
    January 15 at 12:27pm · 1
  • Adan Romero Thats nuts ! Glad your getting better buddy
    January 15 at 12:28pm · 2
  • Kyletta Michellé Poke it. I bet it feels good.
    January 15 at 12:29pm · 1
  • Eric Rath Who gave Ian a sharpie?
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  • Morag MacPherson And a pretty gnarly shiner too!
    January 15 at 1:46pm · 1
  • Tim Kennelly Stay strong buddy. I miss you and will see you soon.
    January 15 at 2:54pm · 1
  • Garrick Gintzler Yowzers
    January 15 at 3:05pm ·
  • Mish Cantrall I bet moving your arm makes it ache. Meep. It will be fun to watch heal.. a million different colors!
    January 15 at 3:09pm · 1
  • Miranda Johnson Ohhh my goodness

FROM KHTS Ian Pike, 28, was due in court Wednesday, according to arrest records, but he was unable to make his court date for the alleged DUI crash due to injuries he sustained. Jacqueline Cork, 25, of Redlands, died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. California Highway Patrol officers suspect alcohol was a factor, according to a CHP report. Pike was arrested on a DUI charge Jan. 18 by CHP officials, according to Sheriff’s Department arrest records. CHP officials could not confirm additional charges Wednesday afternoon, but the crash is still under investigation. Pike reportedly was driving a 1996 Jeep Cherokee with Cork. They were headed up a steep hill when Pike lost control of the vehicle and it tumbled backwards down the hill, officials stated. The vehicle was found 1,500 feet below at the bottom of the ravine. Five days after the crash, officials utilized the help of Timberline Helicopters to assist….MORE

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