California: Lake Elsinore Police greet 670 motorists in DUI checkpoint; invite two to be guests in slammer on DUI charges

DWI photo 2
The Lake Elsinore Police  Department conducted a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on October 25, 2013 as  part of the city of Lake Elsinore’s commitment to public safety.  This checkpoint was one of many that have  been or will be conducted throughout the year in the city.  The checkpoint was located at the  intersection of Grand and Ontario in  the city of Lake Elsinore.  The  goal of the DUI Checkpoint was to remove impaired and suspended drivers from  the roadway and raise public awareness of the dangers of driving under the  influence of drugs and alcohol.

Arrested for  driving under the influence:

  • Jaime Batchelor, 39 years, Lake Elsinore, Arresting Location:      DIAMOND X CASINO DR., 10/25/2013 22:46, court date: 01/24/2014 07:30
  • Nelson Mendez, 25 years, Lake Elsinore

670 Vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

  •                      23 Vehicles were diverted to secondary screening.
  • 9 Persons were given field      sobriety tests.
  • 2 DUI suspects were arrested.
  • 8 Vehicles stored or impounded      for 30 days.
  • 6 Unlicensed and suspended      drivers sent to Court.

Alcohol and drug impaired driving  cause’s serious injuries and deaths that have marred recent holiday celebrations.  The Lake Elsinore Police Department is committed to working aggressively to  reduce the incidence of needless tragedy that accompanies any alcohol related  collision.