California: More Thugs of the NFL – 49’s sack Demarcus Dobbs for game after his arrest on DUI and pot charges

From The Sacramento Bee
SANTA CLARA – Backup defensive end Demarcus Dobbs was arrested early Friday after he was involved in a solo car crash.
The California Highway Patrol said driving under the influence was suspected and that Dobbs, who turned 25 Friday, was arrested for marijuana possession.
Officer D.J. Sarabia said the incident occurred at 3:45 a.m. on southbound San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara, where the 49ers have their practice facility and are building their new stadium.
Sarabia said Dobbs was driving a 2011 Cadillac. He was not injured in the accident, and no one else was in the car. Sarabia said Dobbs agreed to a chemical test, the results of which have not yet been determined….MORE
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