CALIFORNIA: Pot-whacked Korina Machuca flattened and killed a man on a bicycle, charged with DUI and out on bail in only 3 hours while funeral awaits her victim

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Korina Machuca, 21, spent three hours in jail before bonding out after she allegedly hit and killed a bicyclist in Fresno County, deputies say. CHP says it is believed she was driving under the influence of weed at the time of the deadly crash.

The Fresno Bee reported: A Fresno woman was arrested on DUI charges late Tuesday night after a bicyclist was struck and killed just south of Fresno.

The driver in a deadly accident Tuesday night is out on bail. California Highway Patrol said Korina Machuca was driving on Cherry Avenue in Fresno County when she hit a bicyclist. They add she was under the influence of marijuana.


Machuca swerved, hitting a nearby fence and spinning out off the road. Officers say she works near the area and was on her lunch break when the collision occurred.

“The officers noticed the odor of marijuana in the vehicle. She has the same odor on her person and signs of intoxication,” said CHP Sgt. Leonard Sherman.

Drug recognition experts made the determination that she was possibly under the influence of marijuana. The street was poorly lit.

Officers say the cyclist was wearing dark clothing and he may have also been homeless. He died on impact.

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