California: Spring Abigail Morrissey is complaining about her feet swelling while in jail hospital; her party on the road killed Victoria Levinson in DUI head-on crash

California Highway Patrol 

Spring Morrissey-DUI-Manslaughter-Santa-Barbara-County-Sheriffs-Department-102716.

Spring Morrissey-DUI-Manslaughter-Santa-Barbara-County-Sheriffs-Department-102716.

According to the California Highway Patrol on Oct. 13, 2016,  Victoria Levinson, 62, of Santa Maria, was driving her 1988 model Mercedes eastbound on Ocean Avenue at an unknown speed.

Spring Abigail Morrissey, 32, is facing one count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated with gross negligence.

For unknown reasons, Morrissey made an unsafe turn to the left, driving directly into the path of Levinson, resulting in a head-on collision, officials said.

Upon arrival, emergency responders found that both vehicles sustained major damage, and both drivers sustained major injuries. Levinson died from her injuries the following day.

In addition to the manslaughter charge, Morrissey is charged with driving under the influence causing injury with the special allegation of causing death or great bodily injury to Levinson.

The Santa Maria Times reported:
A Santa Maria woman who has been charged with vehicular manslaughter expressed concerns about her own medical well-being during an appearance Tuesday afternoon in Lompoc Superior Court.

Spring Abigail Morrissey, 32, is facing one count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated with gross negligence as a result of a fatal collision in Lompoc on Oct. 13 that left another woman dead. Morrissey was in court Tuesday for an arraignment, but that hearing was pushed to Thursday.

During a brief conversation with Judge Rogelio Flores, Morrissey, who suffered a broken hip in the crash, indicated that she had swelling in her feet that was going unchecked by medical staff at the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Morrissey’s mother addressed Flores from the audience and suggested that the injuries could be “life-threatening” if they continue to go untreated. Flores said that medical staff would be directed to look into Morrissey’s injuries but stressed that he would not be releasing her to any public medical facility. ....MORE