California: the DUI Kitty Killer — Police nab David Ronald Aguiar with splattered and diced cat in car


David Ronald Aguiar….he won’t be able to pet his pussy in jail

FROM FOX 40 STOCKTON —  2013-09-04 —Police say they saw 31-year-old David Aguiar swerving and, suspecting that he  was under the influence, pulled him over near the intersection of J and Arbolis  in Oakdale.

The test results still aren’t back on whether Aguiar was intoxicated, but the  officer noticed something else was wrong: there was blood and fur inside his  vehicle.

They say Aguiar admitted that he had picked-up a cat he’d seen by the side of  the road and when it scratched him, he hit it, stomped on it, and finally broke  it’s neck with his bare hands.

Police say they searched the vehicle and found the cat’s remains, still  inside with him.

Aguiar reportedly told officers he’d been ….MORE