District of Columbia: The latest chapter of the banana republic of DC involves DWI cases dismissed by the dozen due to the police being so inept that they haven’t tested the breathalyzers in ten years

From MyFox5dc.COM
WASHINGTON – The Attorney General’s Office in the District is confirming it has been dismissing DWI cases, in part because they are missing evidence.
FOX 5 has been able to document 23 cases in the last week alone.
The police union is calling for an investigation.
Up until now, the D.C. Attorney General’s Office has been unwilling to disclose on the record how they are disposing of DWI cases.
It is a highly controversial issue after a whistleblower claimed last year the breathalyzers used by D.C. Police had not been tested for accuracy, perhaps as far back as 2000.
Just this week, D.C. Police abandoned the use of breathalyzers and are now only taking urine samples as a way to prove the blood alcohol content of a suspected drunk driver. It was a decision made when D.C. Police were told the Attorney General’s Office would not use the results in court…..MORE

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