Florida: Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell lists open arrest / DUI warrants for Feb. 17, 2016; Roger Jolly is on the list!

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Sheriff Open Arrest Warrants / DUI arrest warrants for Feb. 17, 2016

Misdemeanor Warrants

Back, Kenneth G.

10/23/1957VOP – Driving Under the Influence, Refuse

Banks, Michael Phillip

06/23/1980Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor X4, Battery, Violation of Pre-Trial Release

Barker, James Preston

09/19/1980Violation of Pretrial Release/Domestic Violence, Assault

Barrett, Alicia


Barrios, Tomas

07/03/1981Battery x 2

Bartley, Jonathan


Bartman, Robert Vern

05/10/1970VOP – Battery

Baskoff, Brian J.


Benitez, William Jesus


Bennett, Alec R.


Blanco, Francisco Morales

05/25/1972DUI with property damage

Blimes, Axal

08/21/1988Petit Theft

Bolinger, Adam Howard

02/12/1984Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Disorderly Conduct and DUI

Bonaparte, Phillip

12/01/1973Domestic Battery

Bornemann, Joseph Casey

06/23/1986VOP – Battery

Bradley, Monica Yvette


Braun, Jeffrey M.


Bruce, Phillip

06/20/1979Battery (2 counts)

Bryant , Jermaine


Burford, Scott Christopher

07/15/1977Domestic Battery

Burleson, Joel C.


Byrd, Billy

02/22/1958DUI, No Valid Driver’s License

Camacholopez, Antonio

04/23/1976Violation of Protective Injunction Repeat Offender, Civil Order of Arrest for Child Support

Carranza-Salinas, Victor


Carter, Erick

07/24/1975Domestic Battery

Cathey, James E.


Chirico, Naomi Jasmine


Cody, Matthew Edward

09/17/1980Domestic Battery, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Violation of Pre-Trial Release for Domestic Violence

Conley, Kevin

06/03/1983VOP – Drug Equipment Possession

Cribbs, Mitchell


Detamore, Karl K.

05/31/1983DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Driving while license suspended

Dillon, Jason Lee

10/15/1974Driving while License Suspended

Dixon, Betty Stinson

07/09/1949Possession of Drugs and Drug Equipment

Dunn, Debra Diane

11/25/1963Fraud- Bad Checks

Easley, Eddie Lee


Easterling, Rondell M.


Franco, Israel Castillo


Gerhard, Elkton Starr

06/21/1960Possession and or Use Narcotic Equipment

Givan, Alexander Raylan

03/10/1991Battery, Criminal Mischief

Gonzalez, Alfredo J.

05/05/1992DUI, Resisting Arrest without Violence

Gonzalez-Rojo, Jesus

05/05/1978Battery, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

Gordon, Jarvis Kentrell


Grant, Jacob E.

04/02/1984Driving Under the Influence

Grenier, Johan M.


Harris, Ashford Renard

08/02/1980Battery and Possession of Drug Equipment or Use

Hawkins, Kelly Michelle


Hazel, Keith Donniery

11/07/1983Possession of Drug paraphernalia

Hernandez, Rolfi


Hernandez, Ruben

07/29/1969Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Damage to Property

Hernandez, Yadira

02/12/1985Driving Under the Influence

High, James

06/19/1966VOP – DUI with Property Damage

Holley Jr., Walter

10/27/1985Battery No Valid Driver’s License Fraud – Worthless Checks

Hunsche, Brian W.

03/03/1974Narcotic Equip.-Possession, No Valid License X 2

Jackson, Adrian Maurice

10/29/1982No Valid Drivers license; leaving scene of accident with property damage

Johnson, Anthony Todd

11/25/1970Driving Under The Influence

Jolly, Roger


Jones, Niam Rashaw


Justice, Mark Joseph

04/25/1988Reckless Driving

Kim, Seung Hoo

05/08/1962Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Kleshinski, Edward Joseph

07/03/1978Petit Theft

Lampkin, Chauncey


Lanier, Monique Angelle

01/03/1987Drive While License Suspended, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Lee, Jennifer Ann

10/23/1974Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Driving while license suspended or revoked, Possession/Display of a revoked/canceled drivers’ license

Lewis, Antonio Michael

08/20/1987Driving While License Suspended x 3

Lewis, Steven M.

01/27/1982Marijuana Possess- Less Than 20 Grams, Narcotic Equip-Possess: And or Use

Loggins, Shane E.

02/08/1986Domestic Battery, Writ of Bodily Attachment, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked x 2, Driving Under the Influence

Mabins, Damon

08/07/1967Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

Maisonet, Candido


Mandrell, Ronny J.

12/30/1975Resisting Officer X2, Disorderly Intox. X2, Driving While D/L Susp.

Marconi, John J.

07/04/1970Domestic Battery

Marionneaux, Joseph Hugh


Markello, Gary

01/31/1968Battery Violation of Pretrial release for Domestic Violence (2 Counts)

Mazon, Horace J.

08/10/1964Civil Order (child support), Drive while license suspended

McLaughlin, James F.

03/15/1987Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Equipment

Mercado, Valentin


Mertulien, Elbee

06/21/1988Petit Theft

Mesa-Rodriguez, Agustin


Miller, Sydney

05/31/1992Poss. of Marijuana less 20 grams, Poss. Drug Equipment

Nevitt, Craig Lee


Nowak, Crystal L.

10/28/1984Worthless Checks, Civil Order of Arrest for Child Support

Oikawa, Ivan


Olafsson, Eric


Pacurari, Tyler


Palis, Eding Hazem


Parra, Ramino


Parsley, Christy

04/20/1974Petit theft

Payne, Derek A.

04/27/1982Resist or Obstruct an Officer without Violence, Trespass, Possession of Paraphernalia

Pearson, Lloyd

09/05/1982Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Perez, Emiliano


Piano, Jeremiah

03/02/1985Disorderly Intoxication

Ramirez, Jesus


Ramirez, Omar

08/14/1977Carrying Concealed Weapon, Criminal Mischief

Ramos, Lori Lee

07/26/1966Violation of Protective Injunction Against Repeat Violence, Sexual Violence, Or Dating Violence

Reed, Wesley Kelvin

01/10/1989Disturbing the Peace

Rivas-Castro, Magdaleno

02/17/1970Procuring a Prostitute

Rivera, Daniel Deleon

02/10/1979VOP – Battery, VOP – Resisting Arrest without Violence

Rivera, Luis Alberto

03/06/1966Domestic Battery Violation of Pretrial Release X2

Rumery, Donald H.


Salaam, Kyle

12/13/1981Possess Marijuana Possess Narcotic Equipment

Santoyo, Rafael


Seo, Hyung


Shiflet, Douglas


Sipps, Elaine M,

05/18/1976Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Possess use etc Drug Paraphernlia

Sloan, Stephen R.


Soriano-Lopez, Jose

04/15/1984DUI, Resist Officer without violence No valid license

Steil, Murray Ralph

02/06/1968Driving Under the Influence

Tague, Terry J.

11/18/1978Domestic Battery

Toole, Richard


Torres, David Garcia

09/19/1979DUI, No Valid Driver’s License

Turner, Jay

05/08/1964Domestic Battery

Vassallo, Francisco

12/27/1975Domestic Battery, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked

Velazquez, Josue Ortiz

08/24/1983Hit and Run with Property Damage, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

Verdugo, Orlando

07/26/1983Domestic Battery, Violation of Pretrial Release for Domestic Violence, No Valid driver’s License

Williams, Dupree


Wiseman, Marc Allen

09/08/1984DWLSR X2