Florida: Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell lists open arrest / DUI warrants for Feb. 17, 2016; Roger Jolly is on the list!

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Sheriff Open Arrest Warrants / DUI arrest warrants for Feb. 17, 2016

Misdemeanor Warrants

Back, Kenneth128959637063621250.jpg

Back, Kenneth G.

10/23/1957VOP – Driving Under the Influence, Refuse

Banks, Michael128578524519331250.jpg

Banks, Michael Phillip

06/23/1980Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor X4, Battery, Violation of Pre-Trial Release


Barker, James Preston

09/19/1980Violation of Pretrial Release/Domestic Violence, Assault

Barrett Alicia.jpg

Barrett, Alicia


Barrios, Tomas129539346382206250.jpg

Barrios, Tomas

07/03/1981Battery x 2

Bartley, Jonathan129110039301542500.jpg

Bartley, Jonathan


Bartman, Robert128959632671277500.jpg

Bartman, Robert Vern

05/10/1970VOP – Battery

Baskoff, Brian129313058435156250.jpg

Baskoff, Brian J.


BENITEZ, WILIAM129809793756200000.jpg

Benitez, William Jesus


Bennett, Alec129906303353097500.jpg

Bennett, Alec R.


Francisco Morales Blanco.jpg

Blanco, Francisco Morales

05/25/1972DUI with property damage

Axal Blimes.jpg

Blimes, Axal

08/21/1988Petit Theft

BOLINGER, ADAM HOWARD130971718138069553.jpg

Bolinger, Adam Howard

02/12/1984Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Disorderly Conduct and DUI

Phillip Bonaparte.jpg

Bonaparte, Phillip

12/01/1973Domestic Battery

Bornemann, Joseph128959633731902500.jpg

Bornemann, Joseph Casey

06/23/1986VOP – Battery

Bradley, Monica Y.130068866101036250.jpg

Bradley, Monica Yvette


Braun, Jeffrey129313058662812500.jpg

Braun, Jeffrey M.


Bruce, Phillip128705478801861250.jpg

Bruce, Phillip

06/20/1979Battery (2 counts)

Bryant, Jermaine129140848647823750.jpg

Bryant , Jermaine


Burford, Scott128965460362500000.jpg

Burford, Scott Christopher

07/15/1977Domestic Battery

Burleson, Joel129515111254922500.jpg

Burleson, Joel C.


Byrd, Billy129606684183281250.jpg

Byrd, Billy

02/22/1958DUI, No Valid Driver’s License

Camacholopez, Antonio.jpg

Camacholopez, Antonio

04/23/1976Violation of Protective Injunction Repeat Offender, Civil Order of Arrest for Child Support

Carranza-Salinas, Victor129313058958593750.jpg

Carranza-Salinas, Victor


Carter Erick.jpg

Carter, Erick

07/24/1975Domestic Battery

James Cathey.jpg

Cathey, James E.


Chirico, Naomi129313059465468750.jpg

Chirico, Naomi Jasmine


Cody, Matthew Edward128976946059530000.jpg

Cody, Matthew Edward

09/17/1980Domestic Battery, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Violation of Pre-Trial Release for Domestic Violence

Conley, Kevin129703521703437500.jpg

Conley, Kevin