Florida: Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell lists open arrest / DUI warrants for Feb. 17, 2016; Roger Jolly is on the list!

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Fla Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Alachua County Sheriff Open Arrest Warrants / DUI arrest warrants for Feb. 17, 2016

Misdemeanor Warrants

Back, Kenneth128959637063621250.jpg

Back, Kenneth G.

10/23/1957VOP – Driving Under the Influence, Refuse

Banks, Michael128578524519331250.jpg

Banks, Michael Phillip

06/23/1980Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor X4, Battery, Violation of Pre-Trial Release


Barker, James Preston

09/19/1980Violation of Pretrial Release/Domestic Violence, Assault

Barrett Alicia.jpg

Barrett, Alicia


Barrios, Tomas129539346382206250.jpg

Barrios, Tomas

07/03/1981Battery x 2

Bartley, Jonathan129110039301542500.jpg

Bartley, Jonathan


Bartman, Robert128959632671277500.jpg

Bartman, Robert Vern

05/10/1970VOP – Battery

Baskoff, Brian129313058435156250.jpg

Baskoff, Brian J.


BENITEZ, WILIAM129809793756200000.jpg

Benitez, William Jesus


Bennett, Alec129906303353097500.jpg

Bennett, Alec R.


Francisco Morales Blanco.jpg

Blanco, Francisco Morales

05/25/1972DUI with property damage

Axal Blimes.jpg

Blimes, Axal

08/21/1988Petit Theft

BOLINGER, ADAM HOWARD130971718138069553.jpg

Bolinger, Adam Howard

02/12/1984Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Disorderly Conduct and DUI

Phillip Bonaparte.jpg

Bonaparte, Phillip

12/01/1973Domestic Battery

Bornemann, Joseph128959633731902500.jpg

Bornemann, Joseph Casey

06/23/1986VOP – Battery

Bradley, Monica Y.130068866101036250.jpg

Bradley, Monica Yvette


Braun, Jeffrey129313058662812500.jpg

Braun, Jeffrey M.


Bruce, Phillip128705478801861250.jpg

Bruce, Phillip

06/20/1979Battery (2 counts)

Bryant, Jermaine129140848647823750.jpg

Bryant , Jermaine


Burford, Scott128965460362500000.jpg

Burford, Scott Christopher

07/15/1977Domestic Battery

Burleson, Joel129515111254922500.jpg

Burleson, Joel C.


Byrd, Billy129606684183281250.jpg

Byrd, Billy

02/22/1958DUI, No Valid Driver’s License

Camacholopez, Antonio.jpg

Camacholopez, Antonio

04/23/1976Violation of Protective Injunction Repeat Offender, Civil Order of Arrest for Child Support

Carranza-Salinas, Victor129313058958593750.jpg

Carranza-Salinas, Victor


Carter Erick.jpg

Carter, Erick

07/24/1975Domestic Battery

James Cathey.jpg

Cathey, James E.


Chirico, Naomi129313059465468750.jpg

Chirico, Naomi Jasmine


Cody, Matthew Edward128976946059530000.jpg

Cody, Matthew Edward

09/17/1980Domestic Battery, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Violation of Pre-Trial Release for Domestic Violence

Conley, Kevin129703521703437500.jpg

Conley, Kevin

06/03/1983VOP – Drug Equipment Possession

Cribbs, Mitchell129805389835106250.jpg

Cribbs, Mitchell


Karl K. Detamore128535381040156250.jpg

Detamore, Karl K.

05/31/1983DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Driving while license suspended

DILLON, JASON129140845932667500.jpg

Dillon, Jason Lee

10/15/1974Driving while License Suspended

Dixon, Betty S129805504705262500.jpg

Dixon, Betty Stinson

07/09/1949Possession of Drugs and Drug Equipment

Dunn, Debra Diane129313061026093750.jpg

Dunn, Debra Diane

11/25/1963Fraud- Bad Checks


Easley, Eddie Lee


Easterling, Rondell129313061138125000.jpg

Easterling, Rondell M.


Israel Franco128496272654138766.jpg

Franco, Israel Castillo


Gerhard, Elkton128982992527457500.jpg

Gerhard, Elkton Starr

06/21/1960Possession and or Use Narcotic Equipment

Givan, Alexander129510010548830000.jpg

Givan, Alexander Raylan

03/10/1991Battery, Criminal Mischief

Gonzalez, Alfredo129830467305142500.jpg

Gonzalez, Alfredo J.

05/05/1992DUI, Resisting Arrest without Violence

Gonzalez-Rojo, Jesus129098597419942500.jpg

Gonzalez-Rojo, Jesus

05/05/1978Battery, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

GORDON, JARVIS KENTRELL130941619500055000.jpg

Gordon, Jarvis Kentrell


Grant, Jacob129539350844237500.jpg

Grant, Jacob E.

04/02/1984Driving Under the Influence

Grenier, Johan M.128696888735830000.jpg

Grenier, Johan M.


HARRIS, ASHFORD RENARD129333743453483750.jpg

Harris, Ashford Renard

08/02/1980Battery and Possession of Drug Equipment or Use

Kelly Hawkins129812382458231250.jpg

Hawkins, Kelly Michelle


Hazel, Keith Donniery129313062637968750.jpg

Hazel, Keith Donniery

11/07/1983Possession of Drug paraphernalia

Hernandez, Rolfi.jpg

Hernandez, Rolfi


Ruben Hernandez.jpg

Hernandez, Ruben

07/29/1969Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Damage to Property

Hernandez, Yadira129313062778437500.jpg

Hernandez, Yadira

02/12/1985Driving Under the Influence

High, James129344955775608750.jpg

High, James

06/19/1966VOP – DUI with Property Damage

Holley Jr., Walter128696893829267500.jpg

Holley Jr., Walter

10/27/1985Battery No Valid Driver’s License Fraud – Worthless Checks

Brian W  Hunsche.jpg

Hunsche, Brian W.

03/03/1974Narcotic Equip.-Possession, No Valid License X 2

Adrian M. Jackson.jpg

Jackson, Adrian Maurice

10/29/1982No Valid Drivers license; leaving scene of accident with property damage

Johnson, Anthony129967062220938750.jpg

Johnson, Anthony Todd

11/25/1970Driving Under The Influence

Jolly, Roger128554229056320000.jpg

Jolly, Roger


Jones, Niam Rashaw129743118228932500.jpg

Jones, Niam Rashaw


Justice, Mark129171279174471250.jpg

Justice, Mark Joseph

04/25/1988Reckless Driving

Seung Hoo Kim.jpg

Kim, Seung Hoo

05/08/1962Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Kleshinski, Edward128868074881098750.jpg

Kleshinski, Edward Joseph

07/03/1978Petit Theft

Chauncey Lampkin129376037062343750.jpg

Lampkin, Chauncey


Lanier, Monique129515108639453750.jpg

Lanier, Monique Angelle

01/03/1987Drive While License Suspended, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Lee Jennifer.jpg

Lee, Jennifer Ann

10/23/1974Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Driving while license suspended or revoked, Possession/Display of a revoked/canceled drivers’ license

Lewis, Antonio129344945186702500.jpg

Lewis, Antonio Michael

08/20/1987Driving While License Suspended x 3


Lewis, Steven M.

01/27/1982Marijuana Possess- Less Than 20 Grams, Narcotic Equip-Possess: And or Use


Loggins, Shane E.

02/08/1986Domestic Battery, Writ of Bodily Attachment, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked x 2, Driving Under the Influence

Mabins, Damon129558208983281250.jpg

Mabins, Damon

08/07/1967Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

Maisonet, Candido129313064097500000.jpg

Maisonet, Candido


Mandrell Ronny J.jpg

Mandrell, Ronny J.

12/30/1975Resisting Officer X2, Disorderly Intox. X2, Driving While D/L Susp.

Marconi, John128432641567857500.jpg

Marconi, John J.

07/04/1970Domestic Battery

Marionneaux, Joseph129509984160705000.jpg

Marionneaux, Joseph Hugh


gary markello.jpg

Markello, Gary

01/31/1968Battery Violation of Pretrial release for Domestic Violence (2 Counts)

Mazon, Horace128572299135785000.jpg

Mazon, Horace J.

08/10/1964Civil Order (child support), Drive while license suspended

Mclaughlin, James129579798770156250.jpg

McLaughlin, James F.

03/15/1987Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Equipment

Mercado, Valentin129466815927886250.jpg

Mercado, Valentin


Mertulien, Elbee129515103635078750.jpg

Mertulien, Elbee

06/21/1988Petit Theft

Mesa-Rodriguez, Agustin129606692083906250.jpg

Mesa-Rodriguez, Agustin


Miller, Sydney129345822834202500.jpg

Miller, Sydney

05/31/1992Poss. of Marijuana less 20 grams, Poss. Drug Equipment

Nevitt, Craig129345827743577500.jpg

Nevitt, Craig Lee


Nowak, Crystal L.128554234412413750.jpg

Nowak, Crystal L.

10/28/1984Worthless Checks, Civil Order of Arrest for Child Support

Oikawa, Ivan129844992948685000.jpg

Oikawa, Ivan



Olafsson, Eric


Pacurari, Tyler128705479563736250.jpg

Pacurari, Tyler


Palis, Eding Hazem129313064963906250.jpg

Palis, Eding Hazem


Parra, Ramiro128668267328166250.jpg

Parra, Ramino


Parsley, Christy.jpg

Parsley, Christy

04/20/1974Petit theft


Payne, Derek A.

04/27/1982Resist or Obstruct an Officer without Violence, Trespass, Possession of Paraphernalia

Pearson, Lloyd129657741405305000.jpg

Pearson, Lloyd

09/05/1982Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Emiliano Perez128479068405830000.jpg

Perez, Emiliano


Piano, Jeremiah129073736499160000.jpg

Piano, Jeremiah

03/02/1985Disorderly Intoxication

Ramirez Jesus.jpg

Ramirez, Jesus


Ramirez, Omar128659758793716250.jpg

Ramirez, Omar

08/14/1977Carrying Concealed Weapon, Criminal Mischief

Ramos, Lori129369158652608750.jpg

Ramos, Lori Lee

07/26/1966Violation of Protective Injunction Against Repeat Violence, Sexual Violence, Or Dating Violence


Reed, Wesley Kelvin

01/10/1989Disturbing the Peace

Rivas-Castro, Magdaleno128905198673515000.jpg

Rivas-Castro, Magdaleno

02/17/1970Procuring a Prostitute

Rivera, Daniel129086675470481250.jpg

Rivera, Daniel Deleon

02/10/1979VOP – Battery, VOP – Resisting Arrest without Violence

Luis A  Rivera.jpg

Rivera, Luis Alberto

03/06/1966Domestic Battery Violation of Pretrial Release X2

Rumery, Donald128659757915591250.jpg

Rumery, Donald H.


Salaam, Kyle128905196875233750.jpg

Salaam, Kyle

12/13/1981Possess Marijuana Possess Narcotic Equipment

Rafael Santoyo128427197073027500.jpg

Santoyo, Rafael



Seo, Hyung


Shiflet, Douglas.jpg

Shiflet, Douglas


Elaine M Sipps.jpg

Sipps, Elaine M,

05/18/1976Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Possess use etc Drug Paraphernlia

Sloan, Stephen R.129313066620000000.jpg

Sloan, Stephen R.


Soriano-Lopez, Jose128905197296327500.jpg

Soriano-Lopez, Jose

04/15/1984DUI, Resist Officer without violence No valid license

Steil, Murray129539356878612500.jpg

Steil, Murray Ralph

02/06/1968Driving Under the Influence

Terry J  Tague.jpg

Tague, Terry J.

11/18/1978Domestic Battery

Toole, Richard129715601493211250.jpg

Toole, Richard


Torres, David Garcia129164443030052838.jpg

Torres, David Garcia

09/19/1979DUI, No Valid Driver’s License

turner jay.jpg

Turner, Jay

05/08/1964Domestic Battery


Vassallo, Francisco

12/27/1975Domestic Battery, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked

Velazquez, Josue Ortiz129350952032031250.jpg

Velazquez, Josue Ortiz

08/24/1983Hit and Run with Property Damage, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

Orlando Verdugo128505741712103750.jpg

Verdugo, Orlando

07/26/1983Domestic Battery, Violation of Pretrial Release for Domestic Violence, No Valid driver’s License

Dupree Williams128520506186585737.jpg

Williams, Dupree



Wiseman, Marc Allen

09/08/1984DWLSR X2