Florida: Alejandro Alvarez killed bicyclist Walter Reyes while DUI and fled leaving one dead and one critical – then he claims he was just upset

Alejandro Alvarez DUI killer of Walter Reye Miam 012115
From Miami Herald
01/22/2015 – Miami, Florida:
A college student from Key Biscayne was arrested on drunk-driving and manslaughter charges after police say he struck two cyclists on Crandon Boulevard early Wednesday, killing one and seriously injuring the other before driving off.

Alejandro Alvarez, 21, a University of Maryland student who said he had been out all night at a Miami Beach club, turned himself in after having second thoughts about fleeing, Miami-Dade police said in an arrest affidavit released late Wednesday. Alvarez returned to the site of the collision some 20 minutes later and, while crying “hysterically,” admitted he had hit the cyclists, police said.

Cyclist Walter Reyes, 50, CFO at the South Florida real-estate firm Keyes Company, was pronounced dead at the site of the collision, which occurred at 5:22 a.m. in the southbound portion of the road about half a mile past the Crandon Park Marina. His cycling companion, Coral Gables attorney Henry Hernandez, was taken to Mercy Hospital in serious condition.

Police say Reyes and Hernandez were riding in the marked bike lane where the road curves towards the village of Key Biscayne when Alvarez passed other vehicles, drove into the bike lane and hit both cyclists. Alvarez, who said he was looking at his iPhone to change a song when he swerved into the cyclists, told police he was “scared” and drove home to Harbor Drive in Key Biscayne. Read more here:

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