Florida: Cape Coral Police report DUI arrests

The following persons were listed as arrested for DUI by the Cape Coral Florida Police Department:
Kathleen E. Nicholsen, 57, on 6/8/2011 by Officer Cicchini
Michael Kevin Robbins, 37, on 6/8/2011 by Officer Fessel
Christina D. Flores, 24, on 6/2/2011 by Officer P. O’Grady
Justin D. Lang, 21, on 6/1/2011 by Officer N. Green
Donald J. Martin, 57, on 5/23/2011 by Officer Causer (BAC .168/.166)
17 year old juvenile, on 5/23/2011 by Officer Christenson
Jessica Breitner, 21, on 5/23/2011 by Officer Schilke
Judy L. Lang, 46, on 5/23/2011 by Officer D. Costa
Kellie A. Martin, 48, on 5/24/2011 by Officer A. Christenson
Deborah L. Hernandez, 55, on 5/24/2011 by Officer Schilke
Jason B. Hickin, 37, on 5/24/2011 by Officer Hoffman
Margarat Brazee, 28, on 5/24/2011 by Officer J. Cannon
Debra Chavis, 52, on 5/20/2011 by Officer Brady
Amir Kumar Hafeez, 19, on 5/19/2011 by Officer Fillak
Manuel Mendoza, 55, on 5/19/2011 by Officer Munoz-Luna

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