Florida: corrupt Sheriff in Broward County, now in jail, spent $1.6 million on plush office; left less for DUI enforcment

This Broward County Sheriff’s patrol boat protects cruise ships in the busy port.  The Privateer Clause photo
Go visit your Sheriff’s office when he says he needs more money!

From Miami Herald

High up inside the sheriff’s headquarters is one of the poshest government offices you’ve ever (not) seen.
Then-Sheriff Ken Jenne spent $1.6 million in public grant funds creating a wood-paneled, private lair on the fifth floor of the Broward Sheriff’s Office headquarters on West Broward Boulevard.
On one side of the fifth floor: linoleum tile, industrial fluorescent lights, white drywall and metal doors. On Jenne’s side: oak wainscoting and moulding on the walls, complemented by wood floors and wood shades or blinds on every window. A hallway turned into a work of art — an elaborate wall mural of historic photographs hand-drawn in pencil and painted in sepia tones. …..MORE

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