Florida: Cottondale teacher Jessica Craven busted for DUI after encounter with ditch on Valentines Day

Teacher Jessica Craven busted on Valentines Day for DUI
From JCFloridian.com
Jessica Craven, an employee of Jackson County School Board, notified school officials Thursday of her arrest for driving under the influence, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Cheryl McDaniel said.
Craven, a teacher on special assignment at Cottondale Elementary School, will continue in that role, at least until the case is resolved. An internal investigation is underway by school officials.
School employees are not required to notify school officials of charges at the time they are filed unless they are related to allegations involving illegal drugs or child abuse, but that Craven volunteered the information Thursday, McDaniel said.
The charge came after a Feb. 14 traffic accident on Caverns Road that cause incapacitating injures….MORE