Florida: Go Greyhound and leave the drinking and driving to us! Bus driver busted for DUI after passengers called 911 for help

Go Greyhound

From News 13


A Greyhound bus driver is in trouble after Volusia County deputies arrested him for driving under the influence.

It happened Sunday night; passengers on the bus called for help, saying they thought something was wrong with the driver.

When deputies caught up with the bus, they questioned the driver, 59-year-old Richard Campbell. They say he appeared to be impaired.

Following a DUI investigation, Campbell was arrested.

A new bus driver was sent to complete the trip to South Florida.

A spokesperson for Greyhound sent a statement which reads in part:

We have a zero tolerance policy of any Greyhound employee using or being in possession of alcohol or illegal substances. It is inappropriate for us to speculate at this time as to what occurred due to the ongoing investigation.