Florida: ‘Party Princess’ Karlie Tomica pleaded guilty to DUI death of Stefano Riccioletti; fled crash scene but was trailed by witness who called the cops

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On Twitter, she said, “God, I love bartending…” on her arrest, she was more than three times the legal limit and had been allowed to get wasted at work, the hotel where she worked is now being sued by the family of her victim…

Plea Deal Yields Only Four-Year Sentence

The 20-year-old woman charged with DUI manslaughter in the death of a South Beach chef accepted a plea deal Wednesday afternoon.

Karlie Tomica pleaded guilty to hitting and killing Shore Club hotel chef Stefano Riccioletti, 49.

“I killed him that morning,” Tomica said in court. “I had been drinking while I was at work. I got very drunk. I hit him with my car and I killed him.”

According to police, Tomica’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Tomica also faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving  death, DUI property damage and resisting arrest without violence in  connection with the Jan. 28 crash outside the Shelborne Hotel at 1801  Collins Avenue.

Hit-And-Run Defendant Wants Permission to Attend Church

After striking Riccioletti, Tomica drove off to her apartment on the 5600 ….MORE

Self-Proclaimed ‘Party Princess’ is going to be sent out to give ‘talks’ to high school students as part of her punishment…
From New York Daily News
Tomica, who described herself on her since-deleted Twitter profile as “Party Princess Miami Beach,” immediately fled the scene,  according to the Miami  New Times, but was quickly tailed by a Good Samaritan following the alleged  hideous hit-and-run.

Jairo Fuentes, who witnessed the whole incident, followed Tomica, as she  sped back to her apartment, and called 911.

 “Someone just got hit by a car and the car kept going and the guy hit is  laying on the concrete and is not moving,” Fuentes told the emergency  operator. ….MORE