Florida: Manatee County Sheriff W. Brad Steube reports the following persons booked on DUI charges; Ernesto Puga leads the list

Sheriff Steube Photo
W. Brad Steube, Sheriff of the Manatee County, Florida Sheriff’s Office reports the following persons were booked into the jail on charges of DUI:

Ernesto Puga, 34, on Aug. 1, 2012

Douglas Wallace, 49, on Aug. 3, 2012

Angela Michelle Murray,  46, on 8/4/12 3rd offense

Cynthia Cox Moore, 63, on 8/3/12 1st offense

Ashley Renee Hall, 29, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Zenobia Collins, 56, on 8/4/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Julio Rodriguez, 25, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Kenneth Anderson, 61, on 8/4/12 DUI alcohol or drugs
Carroll Lee Granger, 57, on 8/4/12 DWI-damage to person/property

Jaime Gutierrez Montes, 29, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Charles Jeremiah Foley, 40, on 8/5/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Lazaro Palacios, 36, on 8/6/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Colleen J. Curry, 42, on 8/6/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Constance G. Lagana, 54, on 8/7/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Robert Charles Welch, 47, on 8/8/12 DUI alcohol or drugs 3rd violation in 10 years

Brian S. Lowe, 33, on 8/8/12 DWI-Manslaughter

Carlos A. Esparza-Meza 31, on 8/11/12 DUI 2nd offense