Florida: Manatee County Sheriff W. Brad Steube reports the following persons booked on DUI charges; Ernesto Puga leads the list

W. Brad Steube, Sheriff of the Manatee County, Florida Sheriff’s Office reports the following persons were booked into the jail on charges of DUI:

Ernesto Puga, 34, on Aug. 1, 2012

Douglas Wallace, 49, on Aug. 3, 2012

Angela Michelle Murray,  46, on 8/4/12 3rd offense

Cynthia Cox Moore, 63, on 8/3/12 1st offense

Ashley Renee Hall, 29, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Zenobia Collins, 56, on 8/4/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Julio Rodriguez, 25, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Kenneth Anderson, 61, on 8/4/12 DUI alcohol or drugs
Carroll Lee Granger, 57, on 8/4/12 DWI-damage to person/property

Jaime Gutierrez Montes, 29, on 8/4/12 1st offense

Charles Jeremiah Foley, 40, on 8/5/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Lazaro Palacios, 36, on 8/6/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Colleen J. Curry, 42, on 8/6/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Constance G. Lagana, 54, on 8/7/12 DUI alcohol or drugs

Robert Charles Welch, 47, on 8/8/12 DUI alcohol or drugs 3rd violation in 10 years

Brian S. Lowe, 33, on 8/8/12 DWI-Manslaughter

Carlos A. Esparza-Meza 31, on 8/11/12 DUI 2nd offense