Florida: Miami Police Officer Christopher Vital fired after high-speed DUI drama and load of drugs

Miami Police officer Christopher Vital fired for DUI drug drama

Miami Police officer Christopher Vital fired for DUI drug drama


MIAMI, FLORIDA — According to the police arrest report for Miami Police Officer Christopher Dave Vital, he was observed passing emergency vehicles, a fire truck and police cars which had their lights flashing, as he zoomed down a highway at speeds of over 100 mph. After being stopped, he was charged with DUI and arrested.

A search by police of his BMW revealed that heroin, cocaine and marijuana were inside the vehicle. When he was being transported to jail, he repeated hit his head on the cage in the police car and threatened the officer. He told the officer he was going to claim that his self-inflicted injuries were caused by the officer, further that he would hunt him down and his family in retaliation for being arrested.

Officer Vital further told the arresting officer that it didn’t matter what happened to him as when he is released from jail he planned to shoot himself.

READ: Christopher Vital arrest report

From Local10.com

MIAMI – A Miami police officer has been arrested in Miami Beach on suspicion of drunken driving and drug possession.

Miami Beach police spokeswoman Vivian Thayer said Christopher Vital was arrested early Thursday morning.

Vital, 29, faces charges of DUI, driving with a suspended license, possession of narcotics and criminal mischief.According to the police report, Vital was driving his BMW on the MacArthur Causeway when he sped past several emergency vehicles, reaching a speed of 100 mph. …..MORE

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