Florida: Michael Doheny’s DUI demo derby in his BMW left three vehicles totaled; cops say coward fled and hid in bushes

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From Sun Sentinel

Deputies said Doheny was driving a white 2016 BMW X6 SUV and speeding, possibly twice the speed limit of 40 mph, around 8:40 p.m. on Sunday.

The impact caused the BMW to hit a curb before going airborne, flipping over and landing backwards, deputies said. The Toyota also went airborne, crossed over a center median and struck the roof of an oncoming Buick, before rolling over onto its side.

The Buick continued for 200 feet before hitting a curb and stopping on a swale, deputies said.

Broward County Florida Sheriff Scott Israel

All three vehicles were totaled after the crash.

Witnesses said they saw Doheny flee the scene by foot.

Doheny was later spotted hiding in bushes by deputies. He then fled on foot and was eventually apprehended.   MORE