Florida: Third Broward Court Judge charged with DUI in six months; Judge Lynn Rosenthal arrested after wreck in courthouse parking lot

Third Broward Judge in six months busted for DUI

From Above the Law

One is an outlier. A sad reminder of the legal profession’s struggle with alcoholism. Two is a curiosity. Perhaps a coincidence? But when three judges, all from the same court, get charged with DWI over the course of a mere six months, you’re looking at a trend.

Just this morning, the third judge in this trend was handcuffed and led away from the scene of an accident. In this case, the courtroom parking lot. That’s right, she’s accused of running over the gate to the lot and then ramming a parked sheriff’s car.

At 8:00 a.m.

There must have been an awesome special on mimosas at the local IHOP knockoff….

Apparently the Broward County Courthouse is the place to be if you want to get riggety riggety wrecked, son! This morning was Judge Lynn Rosenthal’s turn to see how the other half of her criminal courtroom lives when she gets booked at the Broward Main Jail. There are scant details of the accident so far, but everyone agrees that a sheriff’s vehicle was hit, and they’re blaming Judge Rosenthal, a Governor Scott appointee facing an electoral challenge this year from the happiest person in Florida today.

But what makes this story interesting is the fact that Broward County judges can’t seem to get away from defending themselves against drunk driving charges. The Broward County bar must be excellent… and I’m sure they have some good lawyers too.

The trend kicked off back in November when Judge Cynthia Imperato was pinched for drunk driving after a fellow motorist called 911:  ….MORE

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