Georgia: County Commissioner gets award from MADD then gets DUI after fighting cops during arrest for drunk driving

Wole Ralph, before his arrest for DUI, was recognized by MADD for being a “Community Champion”.
(WSB Radio) — A member of the Clayton County Commission has been arrested and charged with DUI according to Atlanta Police.  Wole Ralph was arrested in the overnight hours Saturday morning after police say they observed him “driving recklessly” in a red Mustang leaving a parking lot in the 1900 block of Metropolitan Parkway…..MORE

Commissioner Wole Ralph, now 33, according to the Clayton County website, serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. At age 26, he was elected to his first term on the Clayton County Commission, and was the youngest County Commissioner in Georgia.
The county profile listed on the website says: ” His leadership has been nationally recognized in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, NY Times, LA Times, as has been featured on Channel 2 Action News, Fox 5 News, 11 Alive News and CNN.”
Now he will be awarded new notoriety for his DUI arrest and will MADD want to take back their award?

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