Georgia: drag racing fools Michael Bevard and Damian Brown smash, crash and die on Christmas Eve as they tried to elude deputy

The end of the line for Bo & Luke Duke…

It is not an “accident” when one decides to drag race, speed and drive after drinking…what happens is a predictable outcome of “choice”.

Police make arrest in fatal drag race crash
THOMAS COUNTY, Ga. (WTXL)– Georgia State Patrol troopers say 19 year old Sharron Thompson is charged with a misdemeanor of failure to report an accident with serious injury or death.

THOMASVILLE, GA  -Drag racing killed two men in South Georgia Sunday night.
Police say 24-year old Michael Bevard and 28-year old Damian Brown killed when their car hit crashed into a tree. Authorities say the driver was trying to avoid a sheriff’s deputy when their Ford Crown Victoria crashed.
Longtime friend Castarvis Thomas says he still cannot believe Bevard and Brown are dead. “It really has not sunk in yet. It’s just a tragic accident.”
Police say just after 1 a.m. a deputy witnessed two cars drag racing on Jackson Street heading west.
The deputy began pursuing the racers, but lost sight of them near Pinetree Boulevard.
Just a few minutes later, Bevard and Damian Brown were found dead in this Ford Crown Victoria after it went through this fence and struck this tree.
“This was a preventable crash. There was absolutely no reason for that to have occurred last night. It was senseless. I feel so bad for the families,” said Captain Steve Jones.
Police say this incident should act as a warning for anyone thinking about driving recklessly.
“Something that happened in the spur of the moment. Not thinking and it’s over just that fast ….MORE