Georgia: drunk attorrney, with 4 DUI’s under his belt, slammed into taxi; killed 1, maimed 2, now he gets 25 years in slammer

An Atlanta attorney has accepted the blame for a DUI crash that killed a passenger and critically injured two others.
Channel 2’s Richard Elliot went to the Fulton County Courthouse in downtown Atlanta where the defendant, Antonio Tolliver, came face to face with survivors and victim’s family members. All of them testified about the crash’s effect on their lives and then listened to what Tolliver had to say.
“I was drinking and driving. I had no business behind the wheel,” he said.
Tolliver was an Atlanta attorney in 2006 when, according to police, he slammed into a taxi cab on his way home from a football game. The crash killed passenger Shannon Brown, blinded her boyfriend, Elbert Hall, and left driver John McLendon brain damaged.

Attorney admits guilt in fatal DUI crash

 Judge Constance Russell declined Tolliver’s request to speak directly to the victims’ families after they signaled they did not want to hear it, but Tolliver expressed regret. ….MORE

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